Thursday, August 02, 2007

Laura and Mike's Excellent Weekend Adventure

Aren't I a lucky gal? Mike and I are going to St. Louis for the weekend!!! We leave tomorrow morning. Mike made reservations at a very cool looking hotel. The Chesire Lodge which is right in the heart of Forest Park. We can walk to the zoo and the art museum. The reason we are going is because two of our favorite bands are playing in St. Louis this weekend! On Friday night we will go see The Blasters. On Saturday we will see The Polyphonic Spree. Raise your hands if you have heard of these bands! If you have not, please try to check them out as they are both totally top notch!!! We will be lunching at Fitz's Root Beer factory one day. Yum! Also...........guess what???? I will be squeezing in a trip to my dream store, Red Lead!!!!!!!! I guess that is when Mike will be waiting in the car with the air conditioning on and reading a book. I am looking forward to hanging out with my sweetheart this weekend. I have been running all over creation with my gal pals and have neglected my guy. So, I will see you back in this space on Monday night!


Mary said...

Hi Laura - I've been so out of touch due to all this Summer travelling - sorry! Now I see you are off for a romantic weekend in St. Louis - hope it's fabulous and that you don't leave Mike roasting in the car too long while you shop!! Sorry - don't know those bands but take your word they are good and know you will enjoy.

Beautiful things to look at on your blog - I'm enjoying all that creativity. Come visit me soon.
Stay cool - Mary.

Trixie said...

Love the Toot Trip Fairie! Or the Queen of Toots. Hope you had a fab time and I know you did! Never heard of the bands, but I know you always pick top-notch eclectic stuff. So nice to hear you bonding with your man, your best friend, the one who always just lets you be you! Feel Loved!

kecia said...

hello! i found you on Kim's B. comment area and went to your blog. i love that photo of the woman with the wings and wand - very pretty. your weekend sounds quite fun! i also went and checked out red lead's website (i think that is what it was called!) and found a few things to buy!
kim friend, kecia

Karen said...

Well, of course I have never heard of those bands but that is no surprise coming from me right?? Anywho, I hope you had a wonderful weekend with your guy. Sounds like a world of fun!!!

Beth said... favorite St. louis destination...REDLEAD

and a whole weekend with just your hubby....well, you know how I feel about that kind of one on one time with just each other !!!

Good for you guys and I can't wait to hear all about it !!!!

JJ said...

Hope you had a great time with good music, good company and of course good rootbeer!!

Diane Duda said...

Wondering how your trip went and if your fairies arrived safely.

MarilynH said...

that is one really cool pic! well, hope your weekend was a good one (hey! I haven't heard of those bands--shame on me!) maybe you did enough shopping for both of us at Red Lead??