Saturday, January 19, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Well, right now there is a -15 degree wind chill going on!! But don't worry about me...I am so lucky! It is Saturday and Sunday and I don't have to set foot out of the house all weekend!! I have everything I need for the next two days all right inside my house. Mike and I will have fun just hanging out with Buddy and Pal (our cats!).
We went out Friday night to have dinner at Mike's favorite taco place, Taco Fresco, and after that we went to Trader Joe's to lay in supplies for the weekend. For me, it is chips, hummus, and almonds!!! We have blankies to keep us warm. Books to entertain us. I have studying to do too.
Hopefully, I can get a big chunk of paralegal studying done so that on Sunday I can do some stamping! I am also interested to see the Green Bay football game as they will be playing in the subzero cold.
I really should use my time inside to make many phone calls to friends and family I have not talked to in some time due to being so darn busy at work and with the new school program. I hope to do that, but sometimes I end up being a total hermit and not talking to anyone. I am thinking of all my friends and family this weekend though and hope you are staying warm and having a lovely time!!! For all of you in warm climates, please watch the weather news this weekend to see how good you have it!!


Jeanie said...

Hi, Laura,

The Marmelade Gypsy visited Trader Joe's too! Isn't that the best? A dangerous spot to be sure! Love your posted photos -- the blankets look so cozy!

It's cold here in MIchigan, too. Good luck studying -- art time is a powerful motivator!

Trixie said...

I was going to comment on your little photo display as well..maybe you should be in advertising? I too will be staying in and staying warm..warmer as you just make me feel all cozy inside!

Beth said...

COLD are being too's EFFIN FREEZING out there.
of course we decided to do a few errands today...just call us idiots !
the hair in my nose froze just walking from the parking lot to the doors of Target.
I'm such a wimp...but I did have my long undies on...gotta love those silkies !!!

So staying in is what I'm doing tomorrow and Monday...I'm not leaving this house !!

And missy...those pics on your blog are fabulous !!!
I especially love that phone and wish I had one like that in the cottage !!!

dogfaeriex5 said...

you and mike sound snug as bugs in a rug!!

Nathalie Thompson said...

Laura, You've been awarded!

And I'm with you about hummus and almonds. Heck, I can eat chick peas right out of the can without even bothering with garlic and tahini!

Nan - said...

I love each of the photos. Where do you come up with such good ones? Our phone is a replica of the black one, only it has push buttons. It has that lovely old ring, and it is beautiful. I found it online for about $50. I love hummus, too, and I may have to make some tomorrow. :<) I like to soak the beans overnight so the cooking doesn't take so long.