Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year! Happy Clean Stamp Room!

Over the past weekend my Mom, Jane, and I overhauled my stamp room. I did not take any before shots, but imagine a room stuffed to the gills with bags, paper, ribbon, stamps, and then imagine this stuff all over the place so that you could barely walk around the room; and you certainly could not find a spot on the table to create anything. So, here are the shots of a clean and wonderful place to create!! Above is a close-up of the darling lamp Jane got me for my birthday! We found it at one of our fave antique shops, Jackson Square in La Grange, IL.
This is a card that is suspended on an ugly photo holder stand. Now it is a vision of cuteness.
Had to take these pics after work tonight, so sorry for the poor lighting.
For my birthday and our anniversary, Mike got me this new desk top and legs from IKEA! The glass table top has the word Love etched into it in many different languages. We picked the legs for the desk because they have more storage room. I like to store stuff in antique glassware. If you look closely below all of the pens, markers, and colored pencils are stored in cool glasses.

I used some old CD cabinets to store some stamps and Jane made some really cute vignettes. See the lovely ballerina above!!! She was found on another antique trip.

My Mom separated all of my ribbons by season/color. All of the Christmas ribbons are in the gig compote. Fall ribbons are in the blue Pyrex bowl. She wound each ribbon up and they look delightful. She also separated all of the 12" x 12" designer paper for me. I have a lot. She has forbidden me from buying anymore! However, the new Basic Grey Two Scoop line is coming soon and I am afraid I will have to haul a few more sheets of paper into the house.
Jane made this cute little basket of Christmas stamps that I can display and then try to make Christmas cards year round.
Here is what the glass table top looks like! I also got the paper holder/divider at IKEA for 8 dollars. It is great because I can put my neutral cardstock in there and never have to go hunting for it. As you can see it also holds the ever-needed lip balm quite readily.
Okay, this is a genius idea that I stole from Tim Holtz' blog. Go to Target, spend 5 dollars and get an over the door shoe holder. Now put in your must used supplies and then you have a great storage unit. Thanks Jane!!! (another birthday present!)

More inspiration!

Don't you just love this little Red Lead girl stamp?? I put alot of my Red Lead word stamps in the blue/white china piece seen above. It was cheap because it was missing its lid, but for my purposes it looks like a million bucks!

Thanks again to my Mom and Jane for helping me get this room together! I could not have done it without you guys. I am sure I would have gone in there, become overwhelmed and headed right back out the door. Thanks to Mike for the desk!

Oh, and I forgot to photograph one more cool new addition to the room, so that is for the next post. Hope this inspires you!


Trixie said...

Your room looks absolutly FAB!! And it is so YOU! All the stuff you love, all so creativly displayed. Talk about inspiration! Job well done, New Year, New Room, New Banner too!

Beth said...

OMG...what is this room and what happened to Laura's stamp room ???

KIDDING...WOW, it's just fabulous. You will be a crafting fool with all this organization !!

To think that I saw the before in real life...and now to see these phots...WOW WOW WOW !!!

The new table is just LOVELY....get it ?? Love ??

Seriously, what a great space to play in. Now get off the computer and go make something !!!

denise said...

Laura, I love the photos of your neat stamping room! Jane's vignette's are wonderful! How blessed you are to have your mom and Jane there to help you get the room organized! And I COVET the IKEA table and those marvelous legs!

Jeanie said...

Hi! This is my first time to your blog -- I was drawn in by your TAB can -- being Michigan's biggest Tab fan! (Truly, got back $35 in can deposits over the holidays and 95 percent were Tab! One gets great abuse about that at work!

But your studio is the best! Love all the use of antiques and collectibles as storage and the desk is terrific!

I think I'll come back here a lot!

Heather said...

Your stamp room looks great. Can you send your Mom and Jane over to my house net? I can barely walk in the studio. I am trying to make Junk packs to sell CHEAP in Etsy. I am so behind. Ugh.

DonnaG said...

I love every bit of the newly cleaned stamp room! I am so jealous! Have you, your mom and Jane ever considered visiting Texas???

Diane Duda said...

Ahhh! Nothing like a freshly organized room.
It looks great!


Holly Loves Art said...

Neat and tidy! That's YOU! Looks lovely and ready for you to dive into! Happy New Year and best wishes for a wonderful '08.

All the best,

Karen said...

Your room looks GREAT!!! How exciting and fun!!! I LOVE IT! And how awesome to have Jane and your mom right there to help you. That is wonderful. Totally love it all!!!

Karen said...

I almost forgot......I LOVE the new banner!! Very pretty!!! I hope you had a wonderful birthday too.

dogfaeriex5 said...

this looks fan tab u lous!!!!
you all did a wonderful job cannot wait to see it in person..
missing you!

JJ said...

WOW WOW WOW - I can not believe it!! We might just have to seing by and see it in person!!

Nathalie Thompson said...

Yues, I CAN imagine aroom with no room to move or create in (that's my studio!) I envy you your organization. I have yet to get as far as "everything in its place". I love how you display your rubber stamps in tabletop viniettes-- the designs you have are too cool to hide away!