Sunday, March 16, 2008

Life is a Blur!

Life is a blur right now! Sorry I have been so absent. The last couple of weeks have been really tough with my on-line paralegal certification class. This week promises to be another toughie! Legal Research......yikes. So, that explains my absence. My brain feels drained of any creative sparks. Several days ago I piled up some inspiration and took this picture. It turned out blurry...hence the title of the post.

My Mom recently gave me back my childhood scrapbooks. That is where all the paper goods pictured above are from. What treasure!

Other cool things going on in the midst of painful study time:

  • Yesterday was club! Club is when my friends that all worked together in the psychiatric unit years ago get together. We now get together two to three times a year at one another's homes, eat lunch, talk and laugh a lot! We have been through everything together and it is such a blessing to stay connected.
  • Mike and I discovered the television show, "The Family Guy." It is so funny!!! Yes, I know we are years late on this one!
  • My friend Trish has become a Mary Kay salesperson and she has introduced me to their wonderful products! Love the skin care line. It really has made a difference to my skin. They also have lipsticks that are a blast to play with. Trish has a website in case anyone needs some Mary Kay products or wants to check them out for the first time. And as a testimonial, may I say that you will not find a more trustworthy person than Trish, she will take care of you. Mention my name! CLICK HERE if you want some information!
  • I am finally tackling some books in my massive TBR (to be read) pile. It feels good to get going on that instead of going to the bookstore every two minutes to stock up on more. Although, I have a good list of things I want to to read in the future going too! Today I studied for awhile, read for awhile, napped for awhile, studied for awhile, etc. Love those hermit Sundays!!!!
I hope to be back again soon with something interesting going on! Everytime I have a creative burst or think of something to blog about, I am either at work or too tired to do anything about. But as soon as school is over in mid April, I will be a blogging fool!!!!


Trixie said...

Hey thanks for the free plug! Even your blurry picture is a great one! I will try and get our club pictures sent over soon so if it moves you, you can add them too! I had a wonderful time!

Jeanie said...

Hi, Laura -- welcome back! It's hard to fit in a life with school! But it sounds like you are at least managing to find a bit of fun in there! The paper dolls are very cute -- I used to just love those when I was a kid!

Hope the rest of the week (or the next few) go well at school!)

dogfaeriex5 said...

hey you better be making your way over to good manor, STAT!!!
we miss you!

Noreen said...

well i have been trying like crazy to get a little care pkg in the mail to you but the frkn K Car has been on the fritz and I haven't been able to make it to the post office...maybe cecil will drop it off this on the lookout this will help you get through legal research....noreen j walker

Beth said...

sooooo good to hear from you !!!
We know you're busy...that's life. But life is more fun when you are around. You are missed !!!

BUT I am soooo proud of you and how hard you are working with your schooling !!!...YOU GO GIRL !

Holly Loves Art said...

Hi Laura,
Thanks so much for visiting my blog. You are so sweet and what you said made my day... I was so happy!

It's great that you have your childhood scrapbooks. I have mine too and just adore them. They are so funny. I also made one back in the mid 70's with tons of little clippings from the TV Guide, my favorite TV shows like The Bionic Woman and Happy Days... you know the ones!

Hang in there. I know you're busy. It'll get better. :)

All the best,