Sunday, May 11, 2008

Back Home Again......

I had an absolutely fabulous and wonderful vacation in Washington! It is SO BEAUTIFUL there! I would move there in a second if I could get the rest of my "core" people to go with me. Here is a photo from the morning I left....this is at O'Hare. You can see Chicago in the background. I was feeling mighty wistful when I took this shot because Mike had just dropped me off and I knew I would miss him and the cats something fierce all week.
Perhaps the other people in the terminal thought I was a bit odd as I unpacked my carry on bag to photograph my reading material; however, I would love to see what other people take on trips to read!!!! I finished Have You Found Her on the trip and it was riveting. I am going to pass it on to my friend Trish as it is right up her alley. I am currently reading Nineteen Minutes and it is a great read; can't put it down!
Here is a photo of my Dad and I when we were out running errands and driving around Bainbridge Island taking in all the beauty.
I ended up watching Masterpiece Theater last Sunday night with Mary. Cranford is the title of the current little mini-series. IT WAS SO TOTALLY FANTASTIC~ It is set in the 1850's in a small town in England and it is riveting and delightful. If you get a chance, please do watch it.
Drinks, snacks and crossword puzzles.....that is how we spent some of our time.
The local grocery store, Town and Country, always has gorgeous flowers......
On Tuesday we went out for a little sailing trip on my Dad's boat.....It was a bit cold and rainy but we had fun. We brought a little picnic lunch on board and had fun setting that up with some nice linens and cute plastic plates...
Here is a view from our boat, Widgeon, out to where the ferry from Seattle is coming in.
Here is Mary. She did a superb job of taking the boat out of the slip and into the harbor. It is a feat that I would not be able to accomplish and she did it very calmly.

More pics to come! Glad to be back to check out everyone's blog, but would like to remain in this permanent state of relaxation and constant state of having fun!


dogfaeriex5 said...

glad you are back on the mainland..hehe..looks like you had a marvelous trip and so nice to see pics of your dad & mary....

Beth said...

so glad you are home and feeling were missed !!!

I finished Nineteen Minutes while you were gone....and OMG !!! I could not put it down either !!!

Here's hoping that getting back into the swing of things is easy for you !!

Les said...

Welcome home! It sounds like a fabulous trip. I'm with you. I'd move to the Pacific Northwest in a heartbeat. When we came back last July, we were ready to sell the house, buy a boat and move to Lake Union. Unfortunately, my husband's job is here. Time to start buying lottery tickets!

By the way, where does your dad keep his boat?

Diane Duda said...

Thanks for sharing your photos, Laura! I'm always so bad at remembering to take pictures.

I need to start looking for a good book or two to take to the lake with me this year. I spend most of my time on the dock a-readin' and a'sketchin'. Ahhhh! Heaven!

Welcome back!

Nathalie Thompson said...

Looks like a fantastic trip. Love the photos- I can see a collaged trip journal made from them (I have great vision, but not so great in the follow up and DO department! Hope you do better!). Good to have you back. Looking foward to reading more about your time away.

Jeanie said...

So glad to see you home safely, but your holiday sounds wonderful. Love the sailing -- so nice to be with family!

Didn't you adore Cranford? I can't wait to see what happens next week. I actually cried on part two at the end. Of course, Judi Dench could read the phone book and I'd cry!

Glad they can get Tab out there! We're having a 4/$11 sale this week. I've been to the store twice. I think you are the only one who understands this...

Nan - said...

I love your mags - what my daughter and I call 'trashy mags' and oh, what fun to read! Speaking of my daughter, last week, her plane didn't arrive in Chicago early enough to make a connection, so they gave the passengers a free night at a hotel. If they hadn't I was going to call you!

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