Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Seattle, Bainbridge, Snohomosh, and Poulsbo!!!!

On Tuesday of my week in Washington I went to the airport to pick up my best buddy Noreen. She came up from L.A. to spend some time with me. This is our third get together on Bainbridge and we are so lucky to be able to do it!!! Our first stop after the airport was the lunch you see below. BBQ pulled pork sandwiches! Yum! Next stop was one of the best bookstores ever, Elliot Bay Book Company in the Pioneer Square section of Seattle. You could spend thousands of dollars and many hours in this place!!! I have always wanted one of those Read signs in my house!

Next stop was a cute shop called Fireworks. Noreen found a great purse, see above left, green purse, oblong shape. Lovely handmade number! I liked the state pillows pictured below and the red purse with the Seattle gal on it!! I behaved myself though and saved my money for antique shopping!
The next morning we were off on the Kingston ferry. We took it over to Edmonds, and then drove over to Snohomosh which is a small town with a ton of antique shops.
We fortified ourselves with some cream cheese chocolate muffins!
There was one particular place, Star Antique Mall, which had 5 floors of stuff!!! Our dogs were barking by the end of the day (that means our feet hurt!)
Love these head vases!!!!
Great antique sign! Really gets your heart pumping doesn't it???
I loved the graphics on this old Totes box!
See this lamp above? I could not resist it!!! I brought it home with me! Well, I mean, my Dad is going to ship it to my house in the next couple of weeks along with a few other treasures which I will show you when I get them in hand.
More cool graphics...
On Friday we went to Poulsbo to meet my friend Carolyn who lives in Bremerton.
We ate lunch overlooking this cute little inlet!
Poulsbo is such a cute town. It is very Danish.
We went to an antique store (what else?) that had this dear little scrapbook all about George Harrison!
Here are myself, Noreen and Carolyn at Rubber Soul in Poulsbo...I found 2 new great stamps! We had a really nice time together.
On the last night we went to the Town and Country grocery store and got lots of little fun things to eat for dinner. I gave my Dad one of his birthday CD's.
I gave Mary this book as she loves this author. Looks like a really good read.

I am so lucky to have had this magical week! I hope to go back soon. It is a place that really gets into your system and you need another dose!!!!

Thanks for all the welcome back wishes - you all make me feel so loved!


Les said...

Great pictures! It looks like you had such a wonderful trip. I've been to Poulsbo once and loved it.

Mary has great taste. I loved Dreamers of the Day. You can read my review here and my interview with the author here.

Beth said...

gosh I would have loved to have had my feet hurting with yours after all that antiquing !!!


Relyn said...

Yeah! What a wonderful trip you've had. I'm so pleased for you. I bet you have returned home refreshed and renewed. Glad to have you back. I've missed you.

dogfaeriex5 said...

i love this post, it warms my heart, hey i ate at the dairy queen brazier in poulsbo in april and found a heart shape rock in the drive thru which of course i had to take with me!!!

Jeanie said...

How wonderful! I feel like I've been on vacation with you! All that antiquing -- boy, I would adore that! Nice to see new spots, too, that you don't encounter everyday. (George was my favorite Beatle.) Interesting to see Poulsbo -- a college roommate lived there for a long while, but I never had a visual.

Well, I missed reading your blog, but I'm so delighted to know you had such a terrific time! (And good finds, too!)

(Love the vintage graphics and signs!)

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

Oh I love the pictures of Bainbridge! I read some of your older posts and now I HAVE to go get some of those books!

Nan - said...

Another wonderful trip for you. Your photos make it look so very appealing, Laura. I'll probably never get there so I'm visiting through you (and Les).