Monday, July 21, 2008

Vintage Finds! Fun at Red Lead! Hanging with my buddies!

Last Friday we hit the road and drove down to St. Louis. Jane drove myself, my Mom, and our friend Liz.....we stopped at antique shops along the way (a four hour trip turned into eight!). Our final destination was Red Lead Paperworks, which as you may know is just my idea of heaven!!!
Above and below are pictures from their website. I think you can get an idea from this picture of their store just how much inspiration there is! Whenever we go to Red Lead we spend the entire time the store is open just walking around and around soaking it all in. Chris and Sharon are always such gracious gals and let us bug them all day.
We were able to stay in a Hilton Hotel thanks to Jane's husband's business trip points. It was totally luxurious! We all had a great time, relaxing, shopping, and laughing!
The only problem was that I did not take my camera out of my purse. I was too busy "being in the moment." We struck vintage ephemera gold at all of the antique shops we stopped in.
I included my favorite finds in this post.
This teen book is hysterical with lots of ideas about fashion and boys, boys, boys.
We felt very lucky to have three days to just do what we wanted and go where we wanted to go. It was fab!


Beth said...

what a great trip....REDLEAD really is just a little piece of heaven on earth and anyone lucky enough to visit there grows little angel wings while they're there !!!

SERIOUSLY people...that's how wonderful it really is !!!

There are so many things I miss about St.Louis and of course that store is one of the main things !!

But anyhow....the trip sounded like it was wonderful and I'm so glad you got out to have summer fun !!!

Jeanie said...

Oh, My! I cannot believe it. Wow. Just Wow. That photo. Wow. Oh, Wow.

And the images, vintage pieces -- those are just incredibly cute and fun. What a great time. Fabulous. I think everyone who reads this post will wish we were there with you!

I bought "Friday Night Knitting Club" to take with me to SC this week! Hope it's good!

Linda said...

I LOVE those vintage cards...delightful images!! I wish I had known you were here this weekend...i would have stopped in the store to say hello and meet you! let me know next time you visit and i can show you a few more st louis treasure spots (not that ANYTHING tops Red Lead)! Linda

Trixie said...

What a wonderful trip!! Great finds, great inspiration and everybody's bowels worked just fine! That is a hint at one of Laura's past trips to Red Lead and how her girly friend mucked things up a tad with post Thanksgiving Dysentery! I look forward to all the following posts born of such a artistic pilgrimage.

Relyn said...

I am trying to convince Jeffrey that a trip to Red Lead is a necessity in our summer budget and not an extravagence. If I don't managage it, I'll get it for a birthday trip. I'm glad you had so much fun! Every woman needs time with the girls to just laugh and laugh and shop. So glad you got it.

Linda said...

What great luck you had with all your St. Louis shopping. Those valentines are just wonderful! I'm SO jealous that you got to play at Red Lead...I'll just have to live vicariously through your posts! LOL