Thursday, November 20, 2008

Random (Edited to Add Names of Artists)

I have been tagged by the lovely Jennifer of Sweet Pea Stitches. This means I am to list some random things about myself. So, for all of you Laura Duet fans out there, this will be lots of fun! (GRANT WOOD)
1. I took a lot of art history courses in college. Featured in this post are some of my favorite artists. If anyone can name all of the artists, except for the last picture posted, which is a compilation, you will win a prize!!!! A prize suited just for you! First one with the correct answer is the winner! (JOHN SINGER SARGENT)
2. I once got to go visit on the set of General Hospital and met Anthony Geary! As soon as I can dig up the picture I had taken with him I will post it for you. (JOHN SINGLETON COPLEY)
3. Many times I will hear a song and I think if I had a band I would do a cover version of that song. The song that I would do first is Signs by Five Man Electrical Band. (EDOUARD MANET)
4. Sometimes I get sad because I know I will never get to go to all the places I would love to visit (Japan, China, Barcelona, Africa, England, Paris, St. Petersburg, Maine, etc., etc. (KANDINSKY)
5. I love to laugh until I cry and can hardly breathe. (EDWARD HOPPER)

6. My most favorite thing to do is to read books in bed.


7. One of my happiest occasions is when I am on the Bainbridge Ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island. It is so relaxing!

8. I briefly had a job as an author escort; ferrying authors from their hotels to bookstores for book signings. The nicest author I met was Ann B. Ross.

I am supposed to tag some people now....however, I think many of you have already done this one; but if you want to share some random self-information; please let me know!!!


Beth said...

first of all...YIPPEE, you're alive !!!

second, great post and pics, but I have no idea who any of those are.

and third, you're an interesting soul miss laura and if you ever want to go to maine, let me that's where my sister lives and we can stay FREE !!!

Patti said...

Interesting fun info Laura!!! How did you end up on the set of General Hospital? Escorting authors to booksignings- that sounds fun! Glad you are back!

Nan said...

Delightful, delightful, delightful! I loved reading this!

Jeanie said...

First of all, another post from Laura is something to celebrate! Hooray -- it's good to see this.

And good to learn more about you. I'm guessing one is a Sergeant and one is a Hopper, but the rest I'm not sure of!

These are wonderful things to reveal and it's so nice to see them and know more about you! I've done this one before, so won't do it again! But I'm glad you did!

dogfaeriex5 said...

yippee a new post, i was afraid the blog police were going to ticket you, lol...beautiful pictures...xoxo

Relyn said...

I did not know that about you. I really love this post. I've missed you, my friend. Hope all has been well.

I really don't know enough to guess them all, but here's what I think I know.

I am pretty sure it's not, but the first one reminds me of OH SHOOT!! You know.. There was a father and son - maybe even three generations of painters. In the Northeast. Illustrated some childrens' picture books. Wyeth. That's it!! Am I right. Do tell.

The second is Ena and Betty by John Singer Sargent. I love him!

I'm trying hard, but I have no idea on the third one.

The fourth has gotta be Henri Fantin-Latour.

The fifth is a Kandinski, I'm sure.

(Hey, this is fun. Let's do more.)

The sixth is Edward Hopper's Automat, 1927. One of my favorites.

This was tons of fun. Plus, I loved finding out more fun things about you.

Relyn said...

For the third one, I keep thinking Rembrandt, but I really don't think so. To fussy, not enough movement in the lines. Maybe a contemporary of his?

Trixie said...

Hey Girlie Friend! I see that you too have been too busy to visit blogland! Great "random" stuff. I am with Beth, I will be your travel companion wherever you would like to go!! Thanks for sharing all your "randomness". I still really want to see the picture of you and Geary!