Sunday, March 23, 2008


At this very moment I am supposed to be studying, but instead I am web surfing. I came across these totally gorgeous photographs! I am starting a new thing...when I find some great photos I will save them on my computer and then when I get a few gathered I will post them under the title, "Happy," cause that is what they make me!

Happy Easter!

My friend Jane's Mom made this darling lamb cake for me! Isn't she sweet??? So cute!!!! Thanks Marianne!!!!!!!!

Unveiling Jane's New Stamp Room!!!

Jane has a new stamp room! For those of you who don't know....Jane is one of my very best friends in this entire world. We met in the Archivers parking lot!!!! I think that was meant to be because we are as close as sisters! Neither of us has a sister so that works out well. We also work together in a law office. Jane helped me to get a job there when I left the hospital where I worked. It has turned out to be a great job!

Anyway, back to stamping! Jane decided to turn her spare bedroom into her stamping sanctuary. She and her lovely husband Mike painted the room pink and then added in some key pieces of furniture; most of which I did not photograph! Some photojournalist!! Sheesh. However, above is a great little organizer Jane found on Ebay. Check out all of the visual delights held within it!
Above is a little piece which is perfect for showcasing a few little stamps! When Jane and I spent a day organizing her room we had to go out and get a special new Yankee Candle for the room. This new scent, Velvet Petals, is totally divine. I highly recommend it for people who like a nice floral scent.
Last year Jane and Mike went up to Cederburg, Wisconsin for a festival. I think there were some antiques for sale there too. Mike found this architect's cabinet. It is old and wooden and so cool. It has numerous flat drawers, perfect for storing stamps. Jane has the best stamps in the world. Feast your eyes!!!

This is her special Paris stamp collection.
We found some great big glass jars at Ikea. They look old fashioned. Perfect for storing ribbon!
One of the best parts of making a creative space is placing all of the inspiration. This ballerina and the little gal below came from an antique shop in Southern Illinois. We stopped there on the way down to Red Lead in St. Louis once.

Lastly, the light of a new vintage looking lamp makes the room all warm and inviting!

Jane has already make a brilliant piece of art in her new room which you will see soon....I just have to photograph it. It is really great!

Recently I found this quote on Lesley Riley's really fits this occasion!!

The object isn't to make art, it's to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable. ~ Robert Henri.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Life is a Blur!

Life is a blur right now! Sorry I have been so absent. The last couple of weeks have been really tough with my on-line paralegal certification class. This week promises to be another toughie! Legal Research......yikes. So, that explains my absence. My brain feels drained of any creative sparks. Several days ago I piled up some inspiration and took this picture. It turned out blurry...hence the title of the post.

My Mom recently gave me back my childhood scrapbooks. That is where all the paper goods pictured above are from. What treasure!

Other cool things going on in the midst of painful study time:

  • Yesterday was club! Club is when my friends that all worked together in the psychiatric unit years ago get together. We now get together two to three times a year at one another's homes, eat lunch, talk and laugh a lot! We have been through everything together and it is such a blessing to stay connected.
  • Mike and I discovered the television show, "The Family Guy." It is so funny!!! Yes, I know we are years late on this one!
  • My friend Trish has become a Mary Kay salesperson and she has introduced me to their wonderful products! Love the skin care line. It really has made a difference to my skin. They also have lipsticks that are a blast to play with. Trish has a website in case anyone needs some Mary Kay products or wants to check them out for the first time. And as a testimonial, may I say that you will not find a more trustworthy person than Trish, she will take care of you. Mention my name! CLICK HERE if you want some information!
  • I am finally tackling some books in my massive TBR (to be read) pile. It feels good to get going on that instead of going to the bookstore every two minutes to stock up on more. Although, I have a good list of things I want to to read in the future going too! Today I studied for awhile, read for awhile, napped for awhile, studied for awhile, etc. Love those hermit Sundays!!!!
I hope to be back again soon with something interesting going on! Everytime I have a creative burst or think of something to blog about, I am either at work or too tired to do anything about. But as soon as school is over in mid April, I will be a blogging fool!!!!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My Banner Fairy Flew In for a Visit!

Lucky, lucky me!!!!! My banner fairy flew in for a visit and left her calling card. A banner that is just "so me" that it is stunning! Thank you to the wonderful Heather Simpson-Bluhm for this great act of art, kindness, friendship, and beauty all rolled into one beautiful banner. I must admit I could stare at it all day! If you would like to explore the possibility of such fun for yourself, please visit Heather by clicking HERE!

Saturday, March 01, 2008


Where have I been????? It has been a long time since my last post. I guess I have had a bit of the seasonal affective disorder going on here in the cold and wintry Midwest. Go to work, come home exhausted, watch TV and read a bit. I am about to enter the second half of my on-line paralegal studies so I will have to buckle down with that starting next week.

I have had my senses engaged however. While visiting blogs, reading magazines about stamping and mixed-media, and just generally appreciating the simple beauty around me I have become inspired. Inspired to start a journal about the things that inspire me! I think this idea came about in parts. First, my friend Jane and I were organizing her new craft room (pictures to come!) and we were going through all of her gorgeous 12 x 12 paper. I found a piece in her stash I had never seen. It was blue and had some lovely whimsical illustrations of ballerinas!!! I felt that excitement you feel when something is just so cool and lovely and you want to jump right into the picture of it!! I then thought why not start a journal based on all of the scrapbook paper that I love......You know, that stuff you hardly ever use because it is so pretty?? This way I will always have some in a special place, and then I can use what is left to make cards for others!!!!
So, this sprawling post has lots of pictures of things that are inspiring to me. Stuff that makes my heart race a little.
If you want a quick dose of inspiration I have two suggestions to start you off:
SuziBlu has really got me excited about starting a little journal of my own! I think I will simply call it Inspire! Here are parts of the definition of the word inspire that really got me fill with an animating, quickening, or exalting influence and to give rise to.
I am inspired by all the photos on this blog.....Above, I am inspired by the beauty of this domestic scene (although, unfortunately, it does not move me right into the kitchen to start cooking/baking, etc.).........
I am inspired by this wall of stamps in my friend Trish's stamp room. I am inspired by my friends.
I am inspired by the beauty of these drawings!
I am inspired by these rolls of vintage wallpaper (photo courtesy of Everyday Beauty)

I am inspired by the beauty of things I have never seen, but hope to someday. On the top is La Sagrada Familia a church designed by Gaudi (I am about to study his architecture because it is so whimsical, amazing and gorgeous!) and one of my all time favorite buildings, The Flatiron Building, in New York City which I have never seen but hope to someday!
I am inspired by so many things around me, my husband, my family, trees, birds, going to court the other day and seeing how much love a father has for his son, the patterns and colors around me, the possibility that although I know that I will probably laze around and blow this weekend in terms of accomplishing something big; that I can be happy in the small accomplishments I do make.....and the dream that someday it will all come together......meanwhile if I do a first page in my inspire journal......that will really be something.