Sunday, November 30, 2008

LP Covers

I love CD's but I really miss the whole album experience! Go to the record store (Hegwish in Calumet City or in college it was Zapple at UC Davis), browse, browse, browse, purchase, come home, put it on the turntable and listen to the music while staring at the cover of the LP and reading the liner notes. Sadly, I now need reading glasses to be able to read the liner notes that come with CDs! Yikes.
Pictured in this post are some of my favorite album covers. These are covers with great design and whenever I see them I just get the feeling of that album right away.
Tell me that there are some other aging hipsters that still love Whipped Cream!!

Can you tell me some of the album covers you love?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my wonderful friends! Hope the day finds you surrounded by loved ones and good food.
Thankful for: my husband, our home, my Mom, Todd, Dad and Mary, my friends, sweet memories of my grandparents, Bob and Bill, laughing, books, rubber stamps, Tab, antidepressants, pizza, Taco Bell, ephemera, antique shops, cross-stitch shops, Red Lead, blogs, photographs, art, museums, the thought of going to Barcelona, opera, rock and roll, The Beatles, The Who, UC Davis, visiting with Noreen, working with Jane, club, hope for the future, family pictures, cats!, dogs, cars, our new bathroom, having a job, Starbucks, growing up in South Holland but wishing I grew up somewhere less homogenous; road trips; plasma TV's; Bainbridge Island, Chicago, San Francisco; New Carlisle, Indiana; strawberry cheesecake ice cream; Sanfratello's Pizza...........and many more.............

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Random (Edited to Add Names of Artists)

I have been tagged by the lovely Jennifer of Sweet Pea Stitches. This means I am to list some random things about myself. So, for all of you Laura Duet fans out there, this will be lots of fun! (GRANT WOOD)
1. I took a lot of art history courses in college. Featured in this post are some of my favorite artists. If anyone can name all of the artists, except for the last picture posted, which is a compilation, you will win a prize!!!! A prize suited just for you! First one with the correct answer is the winner! (JOHN SINGER SARGENT)
2. I once got to go visit on the set of General Hospital and met Anthony Geary! As soon as I can dig up the picture I had taken with him I will post it for you. (JOHN SINGLETON COPLEY)
3. Many times I will hear a song and I think if I had a band I would do a cover version of that song. The song that I would do first is Signs by Five Man Electrical Band. (EDOUARD MANET)
4. Sometimes I get sad because I know I will never get to go to all the places I would love to visit (Japan, China, Barcelona, Africa, England, Paris, St. Petersburg, Maine, etc., etc. (KANDINSKY)
5. I love to laugh until I cry and can hardly breathe. (EDWARD HOPPER)

6. My most favorite thing to do is to read books in bed.


7. One of my happiest occasions is when I am on the Bainbridge Ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island. It is so relaxing!

8. I briefly had a job as an author escort; ferrying authors from their hotels to bookstores for book signings. The nicest author I met was Ann B. Ross.

I am supposed to tag some people now....however, I think many of you have already done this one; but if you want to share some random self-information; please let me know!!!

Sunday, November 09, 2008


I really am going to try to do a "real" blog entry this week; in the meantime here is a placekeeper. As you can tell by the picture above, I am still consumed with my renewed love of cross-stitching.

Last Friday night I want to a very great cross-stitch shop, The Country Cupboard, in Orland Park, Illinois and had a stitch-in with some women there. There was pizza served and everyone worked on their respective projects, talked and laughed. It was a great entry to the weekend.

This week will be a very weird one. Mike had to travel for work and will be gone all week. I get kind of directionless when he is gone. I have some movies to watch, some cross-stitch to do, and Wally Lamb's new book comes out on Tuesday so that all will keep me busy. But obviously I will miss my husband while he is gone. Before he goes away I think greedily of all that I will do when I am on my own, and then when he is gone I just want him to come back already!

One exciting thing that happened tonight was that I started a new cross-stitch project on linen. I have stitched on Aida and evenweave fabric; but never linen as I thought it was too hard. The stitching on linen looks superior to everything else (to me at least) and so far tonight I have successfully stitched one whole word on the linen and I feel like this is something I can definitely do. So, wahoo on that!

I have the movies Enchanted, The Painted Veil and Memoirs of a Geisha to watch this week. Also, I own the movies Funny Girl and Moulin Rouge which I want to watch again.

Hope everyone has a good week! Things are looking up in America!