Saturday, June 13, 2009


It is a very dark and rainy day here in Illinois. Just my favorite kind of day, except......due to the lack of sunlight I cannot play with my new camera as I would like! Yes, I got a new camera last weekend; the one pictured on one of the posts below; a Sony Cybershot! Mike and I went to a great store where the salesman really knew his stuff and we got a good price. I have been playing with it and think I know how to use it (basically). It has a macro feature on it so I can finally start to take some pictures of my cross-stitch projects (hopefully in an artful manner!)

In the meantime, Mike has issued an edict. My stamp room must be straightened up. He is right. I couldn't even walk in there. There were bags and boxes and stuff everywhere. I had a rare burst of energy last night and I started. I have unearthed stuff I totally forgot about. Lots of treasures! and lots of extras! I am going to work on setting some stuff aside for giveaways.

Okay, back to reading, sleeping, cleaning, cross-stitching, watching TV with Mike, and petting cats.............. (Thanks Relyn for the prompt to get posting!)


Relyn said...

Hee, hee. I was gleeful when I saw that you had posted again. I have been missing you. Funny that you are cleaning out your stamping room. That's what I am in the middle of in the Sparkle Room. In fact, I have left it in a mess for a week. YIKES! You've given me the impetus I need.

Oh, one more thing. When you are finished, I'd love to see pictures of your studio.

beth said...

yippee...a new camera that I know you will love !

and maybe ask toni about the stamps...I sent a ton of art supplies to a blogger she told me to send stuff to...dispatch in LA {drawing a blank on her name} as she teaches in the inner city and it was SO wonderful to give those kids all the stuff I couldn't use anymore....just a thought !!

Patti said...

Hi Laura! Don't you love it when the husbands issue the edict? I've had a few issued to me and... It's a lot easier to issue than to act on it! My Mike NEVER has to deal with the details. He wouldn't be able to do it- lol! Do take pics of your room though!
I looked through my tag book and I didn't see Jane's name. There were a few tags without names, but Linda had so many signing up she divided us into 2 groups so Jane may have been in the other group. It was fun and I would like to do another book like that!

Thanks so much for the offer for the estate sale. Thank goodness we are NOT allowed to be there- the lady, Sue, and her crew handle it all. I really don't think I could do it.
Hope you have a great week~ hope to hear from you soon~

Diane Duda said...

ummm...this may be bad timing, but my stamps are available now at Funky Kits. :)

congratulations on the new camera. i really, really need one too. not seeing it in our immediate future though. :(


Katie P. said...

Thank you Miss Laura for visiting me :) I have you in my reader and I'll visit you again real soon!
Katie P.