Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Away with Mom - Part One

In order to celebrate my Mom's birthday we went away for the weekend. Our ultimate destination was Country Sampler in Spring Green, Wisconsin. However, first things first.....we had to stop at Barnes & Noble to see if there were any new must have mags! As you can see the stamping, knitting, quilting, cross-stitching magazines were the focus.
My Mom loves to look at tons of mags as I roam about in the books. She will join me in book-land in a few minutes.
Newstand/Periodicals! I love signs like that. Love magazines. I always imagine going through and picking out each one I would like to read and then taking them all home!
This turned out to be our lunch! Scandal! The Barnes & Noble Neopolitan cheesecake is amazing!
We made our way to the little grocery store in Spring Green. There was one lone case of Tab there! Lucky us!!! We bought some food at the grocery store and then took it back to our amazing accomodations (more on that later).
My Mom was piecing together fabric to make a red quilt. I love all of these patterns.
This cool blue and white pattern was upholstery on a chair. Gorgeous.
Here is a bad picture of a gorgeous quilt that was in our little Spring Green abode. I slept underneath and it was very comforting!

More to come!!!!! We had so much fun!


beth said...

wait !
you were that close to me and no phone call ?

I live for the chicken salad sandwich at the general store and would have been there in a heartbeat to have lunch with both of you !!!

whaaaah !

JJ said...

i second the general store but i LOVE the burrito!!

Diane Duda said...

Magazines, cheesecakes, and quilts...oh my!

Patti said...

So far your trip sounds great!!! Can't wait to see what else you did!

Relyn said...

You two are so blessed to enjoy each other so very much. I love hearing about all your adventures. And, your Mom's quilt is going to be gorgeous!

Jeanie said...


Oh, Laura, I'm so excited you have the opportunity to have this experience with your mom. If I had one wish, I suspect it might be to do something similar -- go off on a crafty road trip with my mom (and buy Tab of course!). This is just wonderful and I'm so happy you could do it, especially after all of last year's health concerns. Many joyful hugs!

dogfaeriex5 said...

i love the chicken salad and that brown quilt, i think i would had try to smuggle it home!!xo