Sunday, June 28, 2009


I recommend that you run, don't walk, to the nearest bookstore to get your own copy of this book. I started it this morning and am past page 100 (would be further but you know how those Sunday afternoon naps are my favorite thing ever).

I love the characters in this book. Love the writing. Love the story. It fits all my requirements to make it on my end of the year best books list.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Starbucks Music

Over the last month I bought these two CD's on a whim at Starbucks. I had never heard the music; I just got a good vibe from the covers. Well, lucky me....they are both wonderful! I highly recommend both.
On tap for my weekend: my Mom and her childhood friend are coming over to stamp tomorrow. Her friend has been wanting to try it and has never had a chance. Should be fun; I can pretend I am Instructor Laura.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Diane Duda Strikes Again!!!

This card was made by the very lovely Anjou Krelovich and can be seen on her beautiful blog, Dreaming in Color.


Guess what???? Diane Duda has a stamp line featuring her completely amazing and wonderful images!!! Above is a card that Anjou Krelovich made with one of the stamps. Isn't it a gorgeous card????

Here is the scoop....there is a company called Sugar Nellie and they asked Diane if she would like to have some of her images made into stamps. The rest, as they say, is history. Click HERE to see all of the images available. This company is in Scotland. Everyone who has ordered from them says that they get their stamps in about a week. So, shipping does not seem to be a problem.

To introduce the stamps they had a "blog hop." A number of women were given the stamps in advance and then yesterday the blog hop started here. I was absolutely riveted to my computer to see all the different way the images were used.

I am hoping to have a few in my collection very soon. Diane's art is just so gorgeous and spreads joy to all who see it. Congratulations Diane!!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


It is a very dark and rainy day here in Illinois. Just my favorite kind of day, except......due to the lack of sunlight I cannot play with my new camera as I would like! Yes, I got a new camera last weekend; the one pictured on one of the posts below; a Sony Cybershot! Mike and I went to a great store where the salesman really knew his stuff and we got a good price. I have been playing with it and think I know how to use it (basically). It has a macro feature on it so I can finally start to take some pictures of my cross-stitch projects (hopefully in an artful manner!)

In the meantime, Mike has issued an edict. My stamp room must be straightened up. He is right. I couldn't even walk in there. There were bags and boxes and stuff everywhere. I had a rare burst of energy last night and I started. I have unearthed stuff I totally forgot about. Lots of treasures! and lots of extras! I am going to work on setting some stuff aside for giveaways.

Okay, back to reading, sleeping, cleaning, cross-stitching, watching TV with Mike, and petting cats.............. (Thanks Relyn for the prompt to get posting!)

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Eye candy from Red Lead

RED LEAD MEANS: Lots of sparkle!
Amazing stamps!
Time with the best of friends
Inspiration everywhere you turn. What are you waiting for? Get yourself to St. Louis!!!!! (Webster Groves, MO to be exact!)

Monday, June 01, 2009

Mr. Mojo Rising

Let me set the scene for you......Saturday morning. 11 a.m. I have just talked to my Mom and we decided not to get together for a day of cross-stitching in favor of a day of slothing......Phone rings. It is my friend Jane. She tells me that her husband said she could take his new car out for a spin. She asked him if she could take a spin to St. Louis. He said yes. Could I be ready in half an hour to go with? I bolted out of that bed and into the shower. I was ready in lightning speed. Off we went!!!!

Are you familiar with Red Lead? It is like Disney World to us. It is the perfect place of happiness and joy; rubber stamps, beautiful paper, vintage images, inspiring samples, the wonderfully great and welcoming sisters, Chris and Sharon, who own the shop, and a new location!!! They just moved into their new shop in Webster Groves, MO the previous Wednesday. We were dying to have a peak. It is SO WONDERFUL!! Along with all the great products they have decorated their shop with vintage touches everywhere (see lamp in above picture!) Everywhere you look it is a feast for the eyes. Webster Groves is a darling town. The houses are just so cute and there is a relaxed feel to the whole area. We are hoping to go back for a Christmas in July workshop.

We went to a couple of antique malls too. As per usual we found some great ephemera which I will highlight soon and I got a figurine lamp too! Not as great as the one pictured above; but pretty cool all the same.

We had a wonderful quick getaway. Stayed overnight in a nice hotel. Had lovely meals. Met some wonderful gals. Got inspired. Drove a lot (nice car too!). Laughed a lot. Oh, and the title of this post is a tribute to our newfound fascination with the song "L.A. Woman" by The Doors.