Saturday, January 09, 2010

Eye Candy! and a question....

One of the best things about stitch nights at Inspired Needle is show and tell. All of the pictures on this post are of Christmas ornaments that my friend, Karin, and her friend, Katrina made last year. They decided that they would each stitch an ornament a month and make two of each ornament. They would exchange with each other and have a total of 24 ornaments.
Here are pictures of some of them. Karin and Katrina are master stitchers. Every ornament was breathtaking!!!!
Every ornament was finished meticulously and cleverly by Artistic Needle. I am going to be sending a few ornaments there this year!
These four darling ornaments were stitched by Katrina. Karin said it was a Birds of a Feather pattern that is out of print so don't get excited like I was.....but I am going to keep an eye out just in case I see it somewhere.
See what I mean? One is cuter than the next!
I know the ornament above was from the Just Cross Stitch ornament issue 2009.
Wasn't that fun???? I am inspired! Luckily for me, my needlwork shop is named Inspired Needle!!!

That brings me to my question. For our anniversary my dear husband bought me a gift certificate to Inspired Needle. I have managed to not spend it yet. I have so many wonderful patterns in my stash. Should I use the gift certificate to kit up some of those patterns OR should I wait until market and new patterns come out and then go crazy in that department???? What would you do?


Katrina said...

We had so much fun doing the exchange, especially since we didn't have to do the finishing, LOL.

I am jealous of your stitching evenings, they sound like lots of fun. Maybe when I am visiting Karin I will get to come to one :-).

I would save it for Market!!!!

donna said...

I can't believe I'm telling you this because it would be way too hard for me ... but wait for market. Take a deep breath and wait. It will be so worth it.

Jennifer said...

What beautiful ornaments. You must have fun at the shop on the stitching nights. wish I could attend but a little far! I would wait till Market as there is bound to be a tonne of beautiful leaflets you will want.Have a ball!

Karin said...

Ohh Laura, I am honoured I am featured on your blog LOL!! it was such fun to stitch the ornaments with Katrina.

As I told you on Tuesday....WAIT till market. I am sure you see something you want to start right then!!!

See you Sunday!!!

CathyR said...

Wait for Market!! Then, if you don't find something you absolutely have-to-have, then kit up a chart from your stash.

You are the world's best cheerleader! I LOVE the fact that you come to stitch night!

And great post. Makes me want to send out some ornaments to get finished! Great job Karin & Katrina!

Patti said...

What fun to see those beautiful ornaments again- they are truly gorgeous! Each a work of art- lucky Karin and Katrina! Ok- I am saying this b/c if it were me (and YOU asked...), I would buy just a little something NOW - to satisfy the immediate gratification monster and save the rest for market. You will have to let us know what you end up doing!

Kellie said...

Hi Laura,
Those ornaments are gorgeous. I am going to have to check out that Artistic Needle site. I love to stitch them, but don't enjoy the finishing so much. Aren't those BOAF ornaments adorable? I would love to luck into those myself eventually. You are lucky to live so close to such a great shop. I really enjoyed the newsletter that you sent me.

I say wait for Market. There will be so many new fun things, and you can always kit stuff a little here and there.

Jon Lee said...

Hi Laura,

I would save my gift certificate for marker, if you can! They have a tendency to burn a hole in my pocket. I won't be able to make Sunday because we will probably be taking my son back to college on Sunday. I plan to be at Inspired Needle on Tuesday. I have a question. If someone asks you a question through a comment on your blog, how do you answer it?

Jon Lee

Jeanie said...

I'm not sure I could bear to wait -- but I say no matter how you decide, you're a winner1