Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. Schumann

Scene: Laura Duet having an anxiety "attack" on the way to work. You see, I had to lock our cats in the bedroom today because workmen are starting the rehabbing project of our bathroom. We are so lucky for that and I am thrilled; but locking the cats in the bedroom and then leaving them there with all of the scary noise and without me there makes me crazy!

While driving to work I was listening to NPR and there was a wonderful segment on the birthday of Robert Schumann. Follow this link and you can hear or read it.

I have not really been a student of his music but this story about him was so very interesting and really took my mind off of my cat anxiety. One of the ideas that the announcer talked about was that he often thought about what he would do if he had to evacuate the planet and there was only limited space for music; whose musical catalog would he bring. Of course, he thought it would be Bach, Mozart and Beethoven. I totally agree; I could be quite happy listening to just the three of them. But then there was a twist...who would he bring if he could not bring the music of those three composters? He went on to say that the music of Robert Schumann could satisfy him quite well. Listen to the story for the rest; but after hearing this one piece of music by Mr. Schumann I was completely charmed and must obtain this right away. It is called, Kinderszenen (Scenes From Childhood) For Piano, Op. 15: I. Von Fremden Ländern and Menschen. (Click on that to listen)
So, back to music to take upon evacuation. I would definitely take Mozart and Bach.
But who would I take if I was not allowed to take them????
Rachmannoff for sure; especially his Vespers. That is him pictured above. Also, I would take the music of Verdi and Wagner. If I could take all of the music of each composer mentioned here; along with The Beatles, I would be happy forever after!

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Jeanie said...

Oh, I know what you mean about the cats. I had workers using a jack hammer in the basement when putting in foundation work and sump pump trough. I finally took Gypsy to Rick's where he was in the bathroom as well, but at least quieter.

I heard that piece on Schumann. I remember the songs of childhood as the music score from "My Brilliant Career." That was my first introduction to his music.