Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Stitch

Today was our one Sunday a month stitch-in at Inspired Needle. We have so much fun every time we get together!!! It sure is good for the soul! Above is the very talented Barb with her finished Midsummer Night Musings design that I absolutely love!! The frame is just fabulous also!
Below is Debbie's Jeanette Douglas project. Each piece is the page of a book. It is very labor intensive and is going to be a true work of art when finished. Gee, it is already a work of art really.
I went around snapping pictures of everyone's projects; either in progress or finished. This is a gorgeous work done by Cathy. It is on 40 count over 1. I was lazy and did not write down the name of any of the projects (actually I was so giddy to be there I just could not contain myself!). If you want to know the name of anything let me know and I will find out for you.
Below is Teresa's progress on Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow. She is way ahead of me!
Below you see Linda. I love the way she put her Hawk Run Hollow pattern in a notebook!!! Great idea!
Here is Pat's Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow progress. Stunning!
Speaking of Pat, she is on the cover of this magazine! She is the wonderful woman located at the left of the group. She won an award for being an amazing nurse! That is so cool!!!!! Congratulations Pat!!!!
Below are two of Barb's finished pieces. Both of them are by Carriage House Samplings. I know the one on the left is named "The Gilded Cage." I am not sure of the name of the other one.

This is the project that Nancy was working on! She is nearing the finish line and I love the greens in this piece.
Below is a finished Laura Perrin piece done by Cathy. Vibrant and great colors!

Here is another shot of The Gilded Cage with the frame that Barb picked out for it. Barb only got this chart about ten days ago. We joked with her that she finished it on the way home while stopped at traffic lights! She is a speedy stitcher and her work is always meticulous!!! I want to be like Barb when I grow up! I missed getting a picture of Jayne's work in progress because we all started acting up, walking around the shop, screaming about this or that pattern, and generally getting a stitcher's high!!!

You just can't beat an afternoon like it!!!!


teresa said...

Great post Laura! It was so much fun - and I have spent the whole evening with Sarah Tobias!

Margaret said...

How wonderful! A stitching get-together is always so much fun! Thanks for sharing with pictures!

beth said...

i was in the stitchery store in spring green yesterday with my mom and sister....wish we could have run into you there :)

Katrina said...

OMG, what a fun post!!!! And seriously, I can't wait to visit again in August so I can come to one of your stitching evenings :-).

Jeanie said...

These are simply stunning -- what a wonderful group of women you know! So talented. I used to needlepoint a lot and seeing that sampler brought back memories!

My verification word is "troll." Don't you love it when it's a cool, real word?

Vonna said...

What pretty, pretty works of art each and every one are either working on or have finished! GORGEOUS! Thank you for sharing them!

CathyR said...

Oh, thanks for the memories, Laura! I always have a great time when we all get together!

Kellie said...

Amazing projects and it looks like you all have so much fun! :)

Patti said...

OMG! That BARB! She makes us all look like slackers! Looks like I missed a great time...yet again!But with the pictures I feel like I was there! LOL

Karin said...

Oh BARB!!! She has finished it already....mine is still in the bag. Had big plans to stitch it on my vacation but hey lots of sun, sand and Marguerita's got in the way LOL
Sorry to have missed the fun :-((((