Saturday, July 03, 2010

3rd of July

Hey, guess what? Cathy had a Saturday Sidewalk Sale today at Inspired Needle!!!!
(See the link for details; the sale is going on all month every Saturday). All the patterns on the sidewalk were buy two get one free! And she put out really good stuff!!! It was a lot of fun. I had a quick stop there because Mike was waiting for me in the car.....while he was playing with the IPhone I was having a grand old time looking through potential stash.

These are the patterns that I got at the sale. The two LHN and one BBD pictured here. While browsing I met a fellow stitcher who I could have spent the day with! Her name is Linda and she was so friendly, enthusiastic and just an all around great gal!!! I am trying to convince her to come to our stitching gatherings! Hi Linda!!!!! Hope you can join us soon!!!!!!
These next two are patterns I bought in the store (not on sale). Well...I had to browse around inside the air conditioning after being out in the sunshine, right?
Ever since I saw a finished model of the July stocking with the house and flag I was in love with it. Now I am ready for next year's 4th of July!
Above is a new chart from The Sampler Girl and I love it!!! I might want to change her dress color though...any suggestions? There is nothing better than hanging out at the Inspired Needle!! It is just so, Inspiring!!!!


Katrina said...

Great stash!!!! Sounds like a nice afternoon to me :-).

Margaret said...

Great new stash! Wish I could have gone with you. :D

Pat said...

I just missed you....actually I was following you from place to place since I also heard you were at Thimbles. I was not as lucky at the sidewalk sale but I did do better in the air conditioning. Here is a list of my resent acquisitions:
Sarah Ttalbot 1787 - Chessie & Me
Douceur de vivre - Jardin Prive
Miss Mary's School Pin Keep - Primative Needleworks
Sarah Ann Siddons 1860 - Hawkins House Reproduction Samplers
SAmpler Stocking - Carriage House Samplings
See you Tuesday night....

woolwoman said...

Sounds like a fun day adding to your stash. How about a pale blue for her dress? thanks for your comment on my blog - come see me again soon - hope you had a happy
4th! Melody

Patti said...

LOVE everything!!! Hope there's still some stuff left! Missing you tonight! Hope it was a great time. Happy stitching...

Jeanie said...

What a haul! You are going to be SO busy!