Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sunday and Tuesday Stitching

We are really getting together a great bunch of people together for our group stitches at the Inspired Needle. If you want to laugh, get excited about stitching and find 2 bazillion new things to stitch, then this is your place!!! Above and below are some new works by Linda. She is so talented! So nice! So friendly! You just want to hang out with her forever.
Below is Karin's newest Vera bag. I think the name of it is Day and Night. It is huge and the perfect bag for bringing stitching places.
Below, another Linda work in progress! It is new from Little House Needleworks and is so wonderful! She had it finished on Sunday!
Next up is Teresa's work so far on our main Blackbird Design project from our BBD weekend. It is stunning! Oh, and look, peeking in is my Vera reading glasses case! So cute!
This is what I was working on. I am almost done with it now!!! So cute!!! Little House Needleworks.
Teresa and I both bought this pattern and we are going to have our own little stitch-a-long! We are starting this weekend!
Below is my Vera stitch bag! I love, love, love it!!!!
Now for a special treat! Here are some projects that Barb finished. She has exquisite taste!!!
I am especially obsessed with this work in progress of Barb's. The colors are so calming and the whole design is such a winner!
Wouldn't you love to have this clock keeping time in your home? Gorgeous!
Okay, next up is a stroke of brilliance!!! Barb saw this frame in the shop several weeks ago and loved it. Well, who wouldn't??? It is amazing. She decided to take part of a design and stitch it to fit in the frame! Brilliant! Gorgeous! Our hearts were going pitter patter!
Another work by Barb.....this is an older Carriage House Sampler piece.
Cathy has a trunk show from My Big Toe Designs (yes, that is a very strange name!) I loved this idea below; just stitching a part of a sampler and framing it.
Here is a new chart by Jardin Prive that I know will end up in my stash. It is just too much fun!
How about this finished piece by Jayne????????? Stunning, with a capital S!!!!!!!!! The mat and frame are just perfect for it!!!! It will look wonderful in Jayne's beautiful home!!!!!
I can hardly wait for our next stitchy get together! I was spoiled with having so much time with these great friends this past weekend!!!


Margaret said...

Wow, wow, wow! Love all the lovely eye candy!! I'm just drooling! Thanks for sharing with us poor people who can't be there too.

Jon Lee said...

Those are beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing the pictures. I love to see the beautiful things people are doing.

Deborah said...

All the stitching is beautiful and those Vera Bradley bags are great.

Vonna said...

WOW! Such, beautiful, beautiful things to look at...thank you so much for sharing all these lovely ladies work with us!!!

Katrina said...

Everything is gorgeous, love all the pictures :-).

Jeanie said...

These are great! That bunny rooster makes me smile! What a great group you have!

Karin said...

too funny Laura! I didn't even know you made a photo of my new bag :-) We sure have a great group and it was fun to see 2 new faces on Tuesday.

pj said...

Your stitching group is very talented....and what stitcher doesn't love a Vera bag to tote her projects. Love those frames too. Would love to join you some day. pam from iowa

CathyR said...

Laura, I love the pictures, but most of all, I love having all of you for stitching events! Yes, it was so nice to see new faces on Tuesday night!

Laura said...

Pam, for some reason I don't have your email address anymore! I wanted to let you know that you should definitely plan a trip to Illinois for a stitching night!!! Also, I think Inspired Needle is going to be having a stitch retreat in the Fall. Details are unknown; but sign up for the newsletter and you will be in the loop! That would be fantastic if you could come to that.

Patti said...

Fun fun! It;s almost like being there (which I was-lol). Everyone is so prolific! Now you can add your own finish picture to the group! Congrats to you!

Jeanne said...

Thanks for such great pictures - loved seeing everyone's work. I am off to buy that new Jardin Prive chart - I love anything French and it looks so "Madame Pompadour-ish". Someday I have to get to the Inspired Needle, it sounds wonderful.

Jennifer said...

You are so lucky to be able to get together at this shop. What beautiful work . thank you for sharing all the wonderful pics. What a wonderful thing to look forward to!