Saturday, March 05, 2011


Oh Saturday! Day of endless possibilities.....So many things I want to do....So many things I need to do..........Can you guess which is need and which is want?

  • Hang out with my friend Lorie. We could stitch, talk, eat lunch and visit Inspired Needle.
  • Fly to California to hang with my life-long friend Noreen. We could antique shopping and even walk to the ocean!
  • Drive over to Homewood, Il to see another life-long friend, Diane. We could also stitch.
  • Call everyone in my stitching group for an impromptu stitching session at the shop.
  • Hang out with my Mom. We could go to Jackson Square Antique Mall.
  • Call Melissa and Sharon. We could bowling with the menfolk!
  • Finally drive out to see Trish. It has been way too long!
  • Start doing my taxes.
  • Clean, clean, clean.
  • Take the train down to the Art Institute with Mike.
  • Drive around to all of the Borders going out of business sales with Mike and go crazy.
  • Organize financial paperwork.
  • Tell Jane, Trish, Julie, Kim and Beth to get ready....we are leaving in 10 minutes for Red Lead!!!!!! Tell Diane that she is going too! And Lorie!!!!
  • Go sit in the Downers Grove Library and read that Rolling Stone article about Van Halen.
  • Sit on the couch and cross-stitch all day (most likely to happen today).
  • Go spend my Barnes & Noble gift certificate on the new Jodi Picoult book (also likely to happen).
Even though I know I am staying home today; please know that I love all my friends so! I wish we could be together everyday!!! (I am also wishing for a cleaning lady once a week. Add that to the list of things to research!)

Photo Credit: Such Pretty Things


beth said...

i go for the sitting and reading version of all your options !!!
although the cleaning we have done so far has made me feel really really good.....out with the old....and NOT IN with the NEW...that's were we run into problems !!!

my adopted daughter....cate's best friend....might be moving back to st. that would be most perfect don't you think :)

you know...bowling does sound fun :)

Anonymous said...

Organizing, kitting, and stitchig. In that order! Although the inpromptu stich at shop sounds awfully tempting.
Linda C.

Margaret said...

A cleaning lady would be nice. lol! Love your flowers. And yes, it's fun to dream about everything one can do on weekends. :D

BrendaS said...

I hope you were able to do something that you enjoyed on Saturday.

I wish I had a cleaning lady too (one can only dream)

Have a great week.

Patti said...

And I want to go to Red Lead with you! ALL your choices sound wonderful except the cleaning and the Borders (that makes me too sad). Hope you enjoyed WHATEVER Saturday goodness you decided on!