Sunday, March 27, 2011

Saturday Night Stitch

I think I am the luckiest stitcher in the world because I have a group of friends who are as obsessed with stitching as I am. Even better, they all like to get together and get all torked about stitching together. Last night was stitching night at Jayne's house. She has a group of us over about once a month and it is always an amazing night. By the way, "tork" is a local stitching term for getting all crazy and excited about stitching. The term was coined by Jayne.

Here are some pics of some of the many projects that were worked on. Above and below is Barb's progress on Garden Fair by Courtney Designs. I decided last night that I am definitely getting this chart and doing this design. I have been looking at it since it cam out at market and then to see it in all of its beginning glory; well, that was it. I am in!!!!
Another one of Barb's WIPS is Rose Quaker. This is simply stunning in every way possible. Another definite must stitch!!! The colors! The motifs!
Below is one of Jayne's counted thread pieces! Talk about gorgeous colors!!!!!
Carolyn is stitching this beautiful fall cross. She did a spring cross also. This is a breathtaking piece. It is beyond description! Amazing!
Jayne finished stitching this spring bunny piece by Danybroad. Darling!
Jayne gave us a treat by showing us some of her WIPs. The colors on this Priscilla Eddington pinkeep are so pretty!!! Add this project to my wish list!
Jon Lee finished the Skating Party by The Sampler Girl on Saturday night. I took a picture before the exciting moment was achieved. I LOVE this piece!!!! Jon Lee personalized it by putting in her grandmother's name.
I could not get my stitching groove on last night. I worked on a couple of things, one of which is It's Berry Time by BBD (those geniuses!).
Below is a true representation of the times we get together and stitch. Frenzy, pure glee, and unadulterated passion.
Here is Teresa's progress on a gorgeous sampler from the SANQ magazine. Totally fab colors!!!!!
Cathy is working on this majorly great sampler by Mary Garry. Love it!!!!
Cathy finished this poinsettia candle mat. I believe she is having a class at the Inspired Needle about finishing these.
Nancy worked on this really cool lighthouse candle mat. Makes me want to go to Cape Hatteras right this second!
Pat was working on one of our group projects, Primitive Betty's Spring Tuck Pillow. Gorgeous silk threads with great variation!!
Patti finished our first group project last night! My picture of her finished work did not turn out as well as this progress picture earlier in the evening. Absolutely gorgeous color choices by Miss Patti!
Marcia worked on smoking this dress. Wow! I have never seen smocking done before and it looks very intensive. Aren't smocked dresses for little girls just one of the dearest things on this planet????
Barb finished this dear design from Jardin Prive. I think it was a fund raising design and is no longer available. Okay, besides the design being so cut and the thread choice so gorgeous, Barb stitched this on 50 (five-oh!) linen!!!!!!
See below for a good representation of the size. We covered the whole design with a 3" square Inspired Needle corner gauge!!!!
I want to thank all of my stitching friends for a lovely evening and to Jayne for being such a wonderful hostess! What an oasis stitching is in our crazy lives!!!

Also, may I also sincerely thank you all for your comments! They make me so very happy to read! I mean really, my stomach does a little jump when I see what you have to say. I get really torked!!!!!!!!! Thank you.


Margaret said...

What a treat for the eyes! I love all the projects -- beautiful stuff! I have one or two of those that I'd like to stitch as well! I have a friend who used to do smocking when we got together years ago. She lives elsewhere now, but I have fond memories of seeing her working that magic.

Joanie said...

It's so much fun to read your post about your sitching "sisters"! All those pieces are just beautiful! Looking forward to more pics!

Anonymous said...

The projects are so beautiful!! Can't wait to see them in person!
Linda C.

Cathy B said...

I've been reading your blog for about a week now -- you have an awesome group of stitching friends!

CathyR said...

Laura, what a great recap! I didn't know what you were doing with the corner gauge last night but what a clever idea to cover the design! I think the highlight of the evening was when everyone answered the stitching question. It really adds another dimension to each person!

valerie said...

I think Barb is my hero! Garden Fair AND Rose Quaker!? I'll be eagerly watching for updates. Both projects I'd love to know, if I wasn't already buried under stash and wips! lol

Lee said...

I've just recently discovered your blog and I LOVE when you show us what you and all your friends are stitching! What variety and fun! Great post.

Stitchinowl said...

Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos. I have to stop looking at the photos - I want to buy everything! You are blessed to have a great group of stitching friends to stitch and have fun with.

beth said...

tork, almost make stitching sound dirty....hee hee

Deb said...

How much fun does it look like you have. All those beautiful things to work on and look at. I bet you just have the best time!

Michelle said...

Oh what fun! I wish I could come!!! Such lovely projects. And I see someone is reading An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin? My book club is going to be discussing that book in July. Thank you for sharing all these lovelies with us!

Ranae said...

Wow! that is a large group, how come they are all over there and not over here??!! LOL
Beautiful stitches by all the gals

BrendaS said...

OMG! What fun you gals have and what great projects everyone is working on. I can see why you get all "torked":))))

Karen said...

Oh what beautiful projects! Looks like you could get into some serious stitching trouble with this gang of stitchers!!!!

TeresaB said...

I love seeing what your and your stitching friends are working on. It's so inspiring to see all the different pieces, and I'm sure it's inspiring to get together with them and stitch. I love being with other stitchers and just enjoying what we're all working on and it looks like you do as well. Can't wait to see more pictures.

Sally said...

You definitely are one lucky stitcher Laura! Everyone's projects are fantastic!

Natalia said...

Great pictures !!! Thanks for showing us all the different projects. So interesting. I've added some of them to my wish list too !!

woolwoman said...

Laura - I got my first order the other day from Inspired Needle - hope that makes me a part of your "virtual group" - I love seeing what you are all doing - beautiful stuff - you are so lucky to get together so often with a great group of gals. YGG - Melody

Patti said...

Wow- great post- It was fun to see all I missed on the other side of the table! Gorgeous stuff!!! Thanks for posting the pic of my piece. Fun night- great times!!!

pj said...

Thanks for sharing the fun your stitch group has! You are a lucky girl to live close to such great inspiring stitchers! Doesn't that just get you more "torked" when you have needlework lovers to share all your wonderful projects with? Your group seems to get alot done that way. Keep those needles flying and keep on sharing those pics. pj

Siobhan said...

You reduce me to a whimpering, twitching mess when I see your posts. I love seeing what you all are working on--it's so inspiring!