Saturday, July 21, 2012

Olympic Projects

As you know, my stitching buddies and I love to think about what we are going to stitch as much as we love to stitch and buy stash.  We plan a start for the new year, sometimes a summer project, fall project, winter project, etc.

The Opening Ceremonies of the 2012 Summer Olympics from London will be televised this coming Friday.  I am so excited.  Mike and I are planning on sitting in front of the TV Friday night and most of Saturday to kick off the Olympics.

My stitching buddies and I will keep in touch during this great TV-fest by stitching Olympic projects!   The idea is that you start the project during the opening ceremonies and have it finished by the closing ceremonies!!!  Isn't that fun??  I bet you will want to think about what is in your stash and what you can start on Friday?  Right?

I still have not come to a decision! It could be Hilda's Alphabet Brew by With Thy Needle and Thread.

Or it could be The Town of Halloween by The Primitive Hare.  It is found in the Just Cross Stitch Halloween 2012 magazine and you can see it on the cover below.  I could not find a great picture of the piece all by itself on the internet, but I bet most of you are familiar with this magazine and the design itself because it is fabulous.  

It is kind of strange of me to pick a Halloween design because I really don't get all that excited about Halloween itself, but I love these designs.  They are just to cool not to stitch!!

My friend Karin is going to stitch Maxim and Zoya by Plum Street Samplers.  This is a totally cool piece!!!  I know she will finish it in the allotted time (unlike me who always breaks the rules!)

My friend Patti is going to stitch Land That I Love by Birds of a Feather.  Love this one too! And will be stitching it sometime soon too!

Jayne is going to stitch Home of the Free Sewing Set by Needlemade Designs.  I love this one too!

I think that both Brenda and Linda are going to stitch Jane Osborn - An American Sampler by Priscilla's Pocket.  

I am not sure what Barb, Teresa and Pat are stitching for their project.  Girls, please let me know so I can update this post!  

Also, if anyone else decides to play along, please let me know what you pick.  I still have until Friday to change my mind!!!!


Julianne said...

Hey Laura,

You and I are so much alike! I am not really into Halloween but I do love stitching it. I am also not into Santa Claus but I love stitchingnPS designs of him.. Crazy, huh?

What a great group of projects you all will be doing. Thanks for sharing!

Laurie in Iowa said...

I've been thinking about starting an Olympics piece... but I usually pick large samplers, so the chances of me finishing it by the closing ceremonies is not going to happen.
You've all picked great projects.

Anonymous said...

What great projects you guys have selected for you Olympic pieces! Looking forward to seeing your progress!

Robin in Virginia

Anonymous said...

gee you come up with the greatest ideas!! :D
I'll definitely pick something, maybe some Smalls too :D
can't wait to start the Stitching Olympics!! :D
(missed last opening in China.. too bad.. definitely won't miss this one!!)

Giovanna said...

What a great idea, and a great line-up of projects!

Brigitte said...

Ha, this idea is really neat. I'm curious to see what you will choose.

Margaret said...

Oh fun! You all have great projects chosen. I don't know if I can plan like that. I tend to be too spontaneous to plan anything. lol! Whatever strikes me at the time is what I end up stitching.

And This Little Pig said...

I too will be stitching through the Olympic's but will be working on WIP, mainly my LHN Family Sampler :@

LiBBiE in Oz

BrendaS said...

Great post Laura. I just pulled out my project to post on my blog and to cut the fabric.

LOVE your choices. Can't wait to see what your final decision is. I vote for the WTNT piece:)

Have a good Sunday.

Stitchinowl said...

Great idea to start and finish a project during the Olympics! Off to obsess about which pattern to start - maybe the Mosey n Me Little Monster from the Halloween issue.

Katrina said...

All fun projects!!!!!


Good post Laura. Cannot wait for our projects to start on Friday.

Siobhán said...

Oooh, fun! I can't wait to see all of your WIP pics--I hope you'll share mid-Olympic stitching updates. :) I should think about pulling out a WIP and working on it--I haven't been doing enough/much stitching as of late.

LOVE the retreat photos! It looks like it was a blast!

woolwoman said...

Loved seeing all the choices for Olympic stitching projects but i'm with you - I just got the JCS Halloween issue and can't wait to start The Town of Halloween - got my Old Salem linen too so I'm set. I did not get a chance to comment on your retreat post but WOW - what great designs were offered for this retreat - you are lucky to be able to attend and with so many friends. Enjoy Melody

Patti said...

I posted about the Olympic Projects as well- not as extensively as yours of course! Love the post and I did already start, as you know, in honor of Andrew! And what happened to all the patriotic pieces you were going to do??? But Halloween is an excellent choice too! Have a great day~

Karoline said...

What great projects everyone has chosen