Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sights around Inspired Needle

Last Sunday was a stitching day at the Inspired Needle.  We gathered round the table for a very good time.  First up was a surprise!!!!!!  Cathy B. from With Needle and Thread sent us each a pin cushion that she made with her Mom's beautiful tatted tops!!!!  As you can well imagine there were screams of delight from the crowd!  Wasn't that just the sweetest thing ever????  We all met at the Tree of Life Samplings Retreat and became fast friends.  We hope to go up to MN someday to visit and go to Stitchville USA.   
Here is a close up of the beautiful pin cushions.  They are real treasures, that is for sure!!!

The rest of these pictures are from a recent Tuesday night stitching session at the shop.  Personally, I could go for every other day stitching sessions at the shop but I don't think Mr. Mike Duet would understand the necessity of that.
Here is Patti's amazing and gorgeous finish of the Stacy Nash Liberty Sewing Pouch.  Fabulous with a capital F!!!  Hey, that reminds me.  I read on Stacy's blog that she is coming out with a book.  Sign me up immediately!!  I would like to see the galley proofs stat!!!!
 Oh my oh my oh my.....this is Christmas Garden done over 1!!!!!!!!  It is simply amazing.  This is a shop model stitched by Kathy M. and it is a sight to behold!!!!
Here is a little felted coin purse that Jayne bought.  Isn't it CUTE???  Love it! 
At the last minute before closing I spied this chart.  Pointed it out to Karin and she got so excited! It was one she had been looking for.  She kitted it up within about 10 minutes!!!!  Last minute kitting frenzy!  That is so us!
Patti stitched this very cool little pillow in honor of her daughter Molly graduating from high school.  Isn't this a treasure????? 
Getting arty and taking shots of silks.......just call me the Ansel Adams of stitch shop pictures!
Here is the felted purse that would go with the coin purse.  We made up a whole story about the outfit one would wear and where one would be going while wearing this purse.  Basically, it would be a fall day, you would have a cool leather jacket and very cool shoes and be going to the Art Institute of Chicago! 
 Patti finished her retreat pieces! 
 Another arty thread shot.......try not to swoon.
Here are shop models of some of the recent LHN Christmas ornaments.  Sigh.....
Cathy did a conversion to silks of this one.  Her sister Nancy stitched it for the shop and did a super job!  She has not been stitching all that long and I think she is a master stitcher by the looks of the the perfect stitching on this ornament.  Cathy is kitting this one up and I want to be on the list to get one!!!  So sweet!

Patti did just part of the Flower Pot Sampler and made it into a pin cushion.  Love it!!!!!!

This Saturday we are scheduled to go on a one day retreat through the Tomorrow's Heirloom's shop!!!  The designers that will be there are Chessie & Me and La D Da!  I am super excited.  I plan on taking a lot of pictures unless I get overwhelmed by all of the stitching fumes and pass out!!! 


Anonymous said...

please do!!
I love your pictures about where you've been, what you've done, who stitched what..!! :D
and meeting Cheesie & Me and La D Da?! WOW!
just WOW!

I bow to Cathy B. the Queen of Cupcake Pincushions!! :D
happy xxx! enjoy your stitching days! (wish I could come too! :D)

Giovanna said...

Oh my, it's always such a pleasure to drool in front of your wonderful pictures - so much stitchy goodness, thank you so much for sharing! Cathy's cupcakes are seriously wonderful.

Siobhán said...

Oooh, I always love looking at all the stitching pics you share! The tatted cupcakes are so neat. I can't wait to see your pictures form the retreat!

Vickie said...

Wonderful! Such beauty.

teresa said...

Laura ~ great post! I LOVE the pincushions! and Patti's finishes are great ~ I missed that night. I better finish my retreat pieces before we go to the next retreat! T

Margaret said...

Fantastic! I love seeing everything as usual. Recognized Cathy B's tatted pincushions right away. All the stitchy goodness is wonderful! Cant' wait to see retreat pics!

Laurie in Iowa said...

I always enjoy seeing what you gals have been stitching. Cathy B. is so generous... love those tatted pincushions.
I think your 'arty' fiber shots added that extra spice to your blog post... keep them coming.

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Laura, I always enjoy it when you take us to stitch night with you! I just love seeing all that the girls have been up to! Love the purse story too. I can just picture it too.

Cathy B said...

Christmas Garden done over one??? Oh my, it must be even more gorgeous in person!

Glad you gals had fun on Sunday. Can't wait to hear about your retreat with Chessie & Me and La D Da!

Anonymous said...

Another super post, Laura! I always feel like I have a front row seat when you share about your stitch days and nights. Thanks for sharing Patti's finishes, some bits of Inspired Needle, and Cathy's pincushions. Enjoy the one day retreat this Saturday!

Robin in Virginia
rlbrowninva @ gmail.com

Keeper of the Crowes said...

So many wonderful things to do and see at the Inspired Needle!!! Best part is being with all of you!!!

Jeanne said...

Oh Laura thanks for all the wonderful inspiring photos! Makes me want to call up and order some more ornament kits!! I am the proud owner of a tatted bookmark from Cathy's mom - a giveaway Cathy did on her blog some time back. Lucky us, huh? Wish I could see that Christmas Garden in person - wow!!

BrendaS said...

Great post Laura! We did have a great day Sunday and it sounds like it was a great night Tuesday too! Thanks for sharing Patti's great finishes:))

See you Friday!

Ranae said...

Lucky ladies you all are to receive beautiful cupcakes, they look delicious.
Fabulous finishes and the Christmas Garden over one, oh my! what a stuning piece i'm sure.
Have fun this Saturday at the retreat.
I'll be creeping your blog for a post on that one, lol
take care!!!!

Melissa said...

Wow! What a lot of lovely photos and such creativeness!

I love those pincushions Cathy did. She is one busy lady!

That Christmas Garden over one! Absolutely gorgeous!

Patti said...

Hi Laura! Those pincusions Cathy B did are adorable!!! That was so sweet of her. Thanks so much for highlighting and photographing my finishes. It sure looks like I have been busy! How did I miss the cute felted purse (I did see the coin purses though)? See you tomorrow at the Retreat!!!

Lois said...

I'm behind on my blog commenting!! Really loved seeing all the pics from the shop. Oh my, I think I could safely say I could spend hours there!!! The pincushions that Cathy B made for you all deserve special - they're gorgeous!