Sunday, November 11, 2012

Inspired Needle Retreat Part Three

On Saturday Patti and I went to lunch at this fabulous Coffee House.  It was nicely quiet and off the beaten path by one block.  Totally fabulous!  I will be going back here every time I come to Shipshewana.  I loved this coffee lady statue in the window!!!!!!

I tried to put these pictures in order....but you know how that, here, following, is a potpourri of images of the retreat.

Anna and Ranae had these cute cups of pop from across the street from the hotel.
 Anna was working on this beauty from Ink Circles.
Barb H. was working on this beauty.  Falling Snow Sampler by Threadwork Primitives.  This became a priority on a lot of people's to do list.  

Barb R. was working on this gorgeous work by Jeanette Douglas.  This was especially nice of her because it is a piece her husband requested that she do and it is not an easy stitch!

And now a word about new friends........this was Kellie's (on the left) first retreat.  We are lucky that she lives near to us and can hang out with us all the time.   Kellie and I roomed together and we had so much fun.  She also took good care of me because I was not feeling well for most of the retreat.  Booo!  Kellie is a trained chef and a very lovely person who is just the best!   On the right is the world famous, Vonna!!!!!  She drove up from Bloomington, IN (which is about four hours away from Shipshewana).  Her blog is The Twisted Stitcher (but you probably already know that!).  Vonna is a dear person who is also extremely hilarious.  We had a great time and we all wish we lived closer!

Here is Brenda's scimshaw whale needleminder.  We have all swooned over this for the past couple of years.  It is laying atop a gorgeous stitch wallet made by Natalia from Stitch 4 Joy. 
One of the trunk shows that Cathy had at the show was By the Bay.  I love this piece and I especially loved the way it was framed. 
Oh, and I also really love this little whale!!!!!  He looks like he would swim by you, wave, and blow a spout of water in a friendly greeting!

Another trunk show was Cherrywood Designs.  She finishes her delightful projects in such unique ways.  Gorgeous.

Here are Ranae and Diane.  Ranae was the lucky person who received Diane's small in the smalls exchange on Friday night.  The pattern is by La D Da. 
 Diane was working on Thomas Turkey by Notforgotten Farm.  Love!!! 
Here is the totally fabulous retreat gift from Cathy.  Dovo scissors!  Darling scissor fob and fabulous wooden scissor stand.  Love!!!!
 Another shot of Jane Pattison wool fibers  I am still obsessing over these.
 Here are some shots of the smalls!  Yum Yum!!!

 Here are Kellie, Vonna, Jayne and Brenda......gorgeous girls!  Note that Kellie is trying to run away with the whale needleminder!
 Here are the gals of our table.
 We had many fiber/fabric conferences at the table in front of the shop goods. 
 Here are two girls that always help me out in so many ways!!! Patti and Karin.
 Here are Katrina and Karin showing off their new Dovo scissors!!
 My roomie and me!!
 Hugs were the order of the day!
Okay, I hate this picture of sure is a good one of Cathy of Inspired Needle and Vonna of The Twisted Stitcher.
I was working on the top left design on this chart all weekend.  Did not get very far needless to say!
Here is Nancy with her Kentucky Wildcats piece that she is working on for a family member.

Here are Pat and Linda.  They are holding the retreat gift in its very cute pre-unwrapped status.   Please note that we are still loving and using our Vera Bradley Kiss and Make Up cosmetic kits for our stitching needfuls.  I think Vera needs to bring those back into production.
Oh, back to Saturday lunch that Patti and I had.  I loved these two diet Cokes that we received.
 Anna, Ranae and Patti.
 Ranae and Barb R.  Barb received Ranae's most gorgeous small. 
 Ranae was working on Old Glory by Rosewood Manor.
 The smalls table before picking.  Cutely wrapped!
 This is Kellie's Thistle needleminder.  I am putting this one on my list.
This is my treenware bowl!!!!  I have wanted one since last year when a bunch of my friends purchased one in Shipshewana.  I am going to put my smalls in it!!!!!  Love!!!  The bowls are handmade in North Carolina.
You know that this has to be the Grand Finale picture!!!!!!  Vonna standing on a chair and being crazy!!!  We had tons of fun and this pretty much illustrates all of the craziness that went on!!!!!!  I love all of my stitching friends so much!!!!  

Thanks Cathy and thanks to all of my great friends!!!


Margaret said...

What fun! Of course your retreat reports came right in the middle of our power outage from Sandy. But I enjoyed them when I could get to them, and I finally can comment and say thanks for sharing with us! What a treat!

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

OMGosh....what fun we had! And I enjoyed every last one of you sweeties and every last minute spent together :)
People do not realize I am a party animal do they?! LOL!

Sharon said...

I have enjoyed seeing all your wonderful retreat photo's. Looks like an absolute blast! I saw a small that I wondered if you knew the designer of-that cute little pillow that says I'm Just Stitching.

Vickie said...

Thank you for sharing the fun!

Giovanna said...

What a great time you must have had - thanks for sharing the gorgeous pictures. I love the wooden bowl you got, it's beautiful. So is everybody's stitching.

Kathy Ellen said...

What a marvelous retreat! It looks like you all had a terrific time. Thank you for sharing so many wonderful photos of all of the great stitching projects going there!


Laurie in Iowa said...

Thanks for sharing all the great photos.

Siobhán said...

Oh my gosh, it looks like such an amazing time!! Thanks for sharing all the photos!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Oh I wanna come play and hang out with you girls! Looks like you had a total blast!!! You know, Shipshe is only 3 1/2 hours from me too. Hmm....

Natasha said...

what an awesome time you all had!! Looks like a total blast!!!

I am in awe over the smalls!! I love smalls and those are all so beautiful. If I could stitch everything over 1 I would LOL

Thanks for sharing your fun times!!

Katrina said...

Fun pictures!!!!!

Anne said...

Wow! I wish I was at that party of fun!!! Lovely stitching and finishes from all of you ladies!! Love that last photo of Vonna. Super cute!!

woolwoman said...

I enjoyed so much all your retreat report posts - it was so nice to everyone and all the fantastic finishes, smalls, toys, new starts and WIP's - WHEEEEE - great time ! thanks for sharing - melody

CathyR said...

Wow, so glad to read your recap. It brings an entirely new perspective to the weekend. Was I there? How could I have missed so much?! Glad you girls had such a great time! I especially loved seeing all the pictures of the exchange pieces because my camera's battery chose that moment to die!

Ranae said...

I'm behind again, lol
It was nice to reminisce over all these photo's
Laura you do such a great job taking them
Awesome recap
Thanks for sharing as always