Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Inspired Needle Retreat Part Two

First stop.....Yoder's General Store.  You can find tons of beautiful fabric and lots of wonderful notions along with everything else at Yoders.  We all wanted this thread cabinet!  Along with all of the great stitching time at our retreat....the town of Shipshewana provides tons of great places to shop.  Yoders is my favorite.  It is the king of all dime stores.

 Here is a glimpse of my favorite DMC blues.

Attempt at artful shots of threads.

This piece of fabric welcoming us to Amish country was in a very large quilting hoop.  I think putting a beautiful piece of fabric of your own choosing in a hoop like this would be a cool decorative touch. 

We had a really great time looking through each other's stitching bags.  This WIP is the beautiful Elizabeth Sheffield sampler which is being stitched by Katrina.  

 Here is my current obsession!!  This is the Jane Pattison sampler which was being stitched by both Pat and Brenda.  They are using wool threads and I really want to stitch this.  I am going to ask my husband to get it for me for Christmas....if I can wait that long!!!  So gorgeous!

Cathy gave each of us this totally great needle minder with her shop logo.  Love it!!!

We met a new friend at the retreat.  Diane came from Seneca, IL and brought some wonderful projects and show and tell.  She completed this stunning Jardin Prive piece.
 She totally changed the colorway.....and it is gorgeous!
 Karin took ownership of her stitched and newly framed Halloween sampler from Lizzie Kate.  I love this!!!  I should have stitched it with her!!!!  So cool!
Here is Nancy's finish of the Bent Creek project from several posts ago.  Please note that she put a family member's name on each stocking!!!!  Fabulous!!

Sorry about the blurry shot of Nancy.  I have my camera set for close-up and then I can't get it out of that mode when I take regular pictures.  I need a tutorial badly.
That wraps up our first day!   More to come!


DebbieSFL said...

Those are my favorite DMC colors, too!!! I could stitch anything in those blues.

Barb said...

Thanks for sharing these great photos! I just ordered Jane Pattison. I think I'll stitch her with floss. She makes a great companion to the BBD"Christmas Garden" that I'm stitching now.

Karin said...

Another great recap!! Because of Pat and Brenda I had to change my Jane Pattison from floss to wool and I am loving it. You just can't wait till Christmas Laura, get it now and stitch it together with us!!!!

Krista said...

What fun photos! Love your stitching progress pics, on Jane Pattison. And also the the color change on Jardin Prive,gives it a whole different feel.

Giovanna said...

Oh, I just loving seeing your pictures of those lovely WIPs and finishes :-) Having just finished the LK Halloween piece, the Bent Creek is still on my to-do list, so it's great to see a framed one - thanks for sharing.

Siobhán said...

Great photos!! I want to stitch everything you've shown! I haven't liked L*K for awhile but that mystery sampler is so cute. The names on the stockings--how neat! Love that Jane, too. Thanks for sharing--can't wait for the next update!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures with us. It makes me look forward to my trip up there in a couple weeks even more. Too bad I'm not going for a stitching retreat.

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

OH.... love the artsy fartsy shots :)
But the lovliest of all are those stunning, fabulous projects. Who can't just want to smack themselves when they see Karin's fabulous L*K Mystery and then Nancy's wonderful Bent Creek Christmas Mantle....love them both!

BrendaS said...

Laura -- Great post! I so agree with Karin -- you must stitch this with us. Tell Mike you want a way early Christmas Present (LOL)!!!

Hope to see you soon:)

woolwoman said...

Laura - I loved hearing about the Inspired retreat - looks like everyone was properly "inspired" - All of the finishes you showed were stunning - Some great starts too and so nice to see photos of blog friends as well. Glad you had a nice time and I hope Jane Pattison comes your way soon - mel

Carol said...

It's always so much fun to see everyone's finishes--thank you for sharing them with us, Laura!

Cindy - Angola Indiana said...

Nice pics! I only live 25 miles from Shipsie, so I get over there about once a month. It's nice to see it from a visitor's perspective.
This is the first year I've heard of the retreat. Will have to email Cathy and BEG her to put me on the waiting list.

CathyR said...

I just happened to stumble upon your two posts today, Laura! I love the recap and feel like I'm there all over again! I miss Shipshe!

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Ranae said...

Awesome photo's
I hope you get that gift early, it's awesome
Cathy did a great job at putting the retreat together