Friday, August 28, 2015

Attic Summer School!!!!!

 My charmed life continues!!! I was able to travel with four of my friends to The Attic Needlework's Summer School!!!  We flew to Phoenix on a Wednesday in advance of Friday night's start of summer school.  We wanted to have plenty of time at the shop itself and time to goof around before school started.

First stop upon landing was the shop itself!!!!!  We have been dreaming of the day we could get our hands on last year's class piece by Tanya of The Scarlett House.  This is the Little Red Chair Sampler.  That was the first thing on our list. 
 There was a wonderful display table of projects and models from the local designers that make up the teachers at summer school.  Lots of talent there in Arizona!!!!!
 I was so happy to see these wonderful threadkeeps from Paula of Kelmscott Designs!!!!  I have one of each now!!!!!
 One of the specialties of The Attic is stitching on high count linen.  Here are a bowl of projects stitched on high count linen and made into the most darling pin keeps you have ever seen in all of your life!!!!!! 

This is the model of The Red Chair Sampler. 
 Here we are at one of the tables thinking of how each of us will kit this up. 
 This new design from Heartstring Samplery was a definite "kit it up!"
Lucy's Colonial Pocket.  This is the model of the class piece we would be doing by Priscilla's Pocket.

 This is the project that Tanya of The Scarlett House designed.  It is a coverlet piece in a tray with wool strawberries.  Love!!!
 I picked up this fun kit from the local designer table.  Could not resist!  This is from Priscilla's Pocket. 

 After a day of traveling and intensive shopping we headed back to the hotel, but first a stop off at Safeway for snacks and pop.  I was delighted to find my Tab at the store!!!  Tab makes every day better.
The Hyatt Mesa even had these lovely signs welcoming the stitchers!!!
By the end of the day we were very tired, but not tired enough to play with our new toys.  I added a thread keep to a ring of threads and was quite pleased with myself.  

More pics to come!  If only the pictures could convey to you the level of happiness, giddiness, joy and friendship that we were experiencing!!!  Such a wonderful time!  We only wished that the rest of our stitching group (Patti, Kellie and Linda) were with us.  

Also, a special shout out to the ladies of The Attic!!!  You made our days there so special and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!!


teresa said...

great recap Laura ~ such a wonderful memory!

The Scarlett House said...

You need to move here! I hate saying goodbye to you girls!

BrendaS said...

We simply had the BEST time!!!! We are so very fortunate:))) Now to stitch everything we bought LOL!!!!

Tammy said...

I love it when you share your charmed life with us! You find the best treasures. I'm so glad you and your cute friends had such a great time.

Robin said...

What another wonderful adventure you all had! Looking forward to the rest of your recap! Have a wonderful weekend, Laura!

Robin in Virginia

Kathy F said...

Oh I think I could hear y'all from here!!! I'm soooo jealous. I WILL be there next summer!!! I love the thread keeps!!

Stitcher S. said...

Looks like a great time! It would be so much fun to go to 'summer school' there sometime. I live about 8 hours west of The Attic, and have longed wanted to visit this store. I think a road trip is going to happen someday soon. Thanks for the inspiration. I love the Red Chair sampler and have it in my 'dreaming' stash list.

Vickie said...

Ack! You make me so jealous sometimes. It is hard living on a STRICT stash budget. I am glad I find pleasure in your adventures!

marly said...

Thanks for showing all the fabulous work!

Shelly said...

I think the giddiness and happiness came through in this post loud and clear! What goodies there was and the Red Chair sampler is petite and very pretty. Makes me want to hop in the car and take the almost 2 hour drive! But it's too hot, lol.

Barb said...

I love seeing all the treasures. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful adventure with all of us.

Sharon said...

Love your post Laura! Your excitement shines through and now I am off to find something to buy. Lol The Attic is such a fabulous place.

Brigitte said...

What a wonderful time for you and your friends.

Maggee said...

Congrats on going to AZ! The Attic is ALWAYS a destination of choice... You have some great pieces to work on... and the classes hadn't even started! I look forward to the next report... (I am reading blogs in order, so am a little behind) Hugs!