Sunday, August 02, 2015

A Stitching Saturday!

Yesterday was a glorious Saturday.  A few of my friends gathered and we were off to House of Stitches in La Porte, Indiana.  Karin was in from New York so we wanted to do something special with our day.  We all met at Pat's house where first there was the unveiling of some new framing!

First up was Pat's masterpiece finish of the Quaker sampler, Mary Peacock.  Behold the extreme beauty of the piece and the frame she picked!!!!!!!!!

As you can imagine there was a riot of excitement in the room when this was unveiled.  Karin finished and framed this piece years ago.  Linda, Brenda and I had this piece all kitted up years ago......and now we are on it!!!!  Let the stitching of Quaker motifs commence.  We want this in our homes too!!!!!  I pulled mine out last night to find that I have two motifs started.  I will be turning my attention to this very soon. 
Pat, that overachiever!, is going to stitch Ann Trump as a companion piece.  So exciting!!!
 Linda stopped by to pick up her very own masterpiece of this CHS piece.  It is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!  She could not go with us due to a family party...her mother-in-law's 90th birthday party!!!  How wonderful!
Karin gave us a peek at her up to date progress on the By the Bay 12 part sampler.  I am extremely in love with this wonderful piece!  This is already a masterpiece and is only going to get better and better until when it is done we will all faint upon seeing it!  She is using the called for DMC threads and they look perfect.

Then we were off to House of Stitches (after a pit stop at a Starbucks along the way.....doesn't that make any trip more fun??).  Here is the hallowed entrance to one of the happiest places on Earth!!!!  The shop is fabulous and the women running it are just the nicest!!!!  Love those gals!!!!
 A beautiful sign!
 These are the first models we saw upon entering!!! Lovely all!
Above and below are samplers from C Street Samplerworks.  Love them both!

Ever since seeing Deborah stitching on a Barbara Ana design at the Tomorrow's Heirlooms retreat a couple of weeks ago I have been obsessing over her designs and this one in particular.  I found it at the shop and kitted it up.  Very excited about this one!!!!!
Saw this model of an OOP Prairie Schooler and thought it was so very dear!!!!!  I am hoping I have this chart in my stash.  Not sure I do though, because if I did why would I have not already stitched it???  It is adorable!
Here we are standing in front of the famous wall of fabric at House of Stitches!!!!  There is Brenda, myself, Karin and Pat.  I made them all hold something that they bought that day.  Cheesy!!!
 No trip to La Porte is complete without lunch at this most fabulous restaurant!!!!  Great food and lots of fun.
 This is a needle keep that I have been wanting!!!!!  It is by Paula of Whimsical Edge Designs.  I love this queen so much!!!!!!!!  So happy to have her by my side as I stitch.
Here is my start last night on the new Barbara Ana design Love Never Fails.  I am using 32 count Winter's Brew.  Love this fabric.  

Love stitching and love my friends and love needlework shops!!!!!!!  Happy happy!


teresa said...

Laura. Thanks for the great post! I felt like I was there.

Kathy F said...

What a fun day all the way from Starbucks to Mexican...& stash enhancement in the middle!!!!! I've yet to figure out if it's more fun to stitch it or to BUY it!!! Lol. Hugs to all!

Jackie said...

It looks like a delightful day! I wish we had the shops within a few hour radius here to be able to do something like that. Truly looks like loads of fun!

Vickie said...

WoW! I can feel your excitement! Such fun. :)

Robin said...

Stitching friends + stitch shop = fabulous time! By your pictures, it looked like a wonderful Saturday adventure. Thanks for sharing, Laura!

Robin in Virginia

Margaret said...

I envy you all your friendship and your fun times. So wonderful that Karin was in town too! Lovely framing! Lovely stitching! I love that Barbara Ana piece and have been having the same problem as you. Sigh. Love the pic of the 4 of you -- so cute! Cheesy? Never! lol! Thanks for always sharing with us!

Southpaw Stitcher said...

What great stitching, great times and great friends! I love House of Stitches. I'll have to try Mucho Mas the next time I pay them a visit. Good news on the Prairie Schooler chart. They are reprinting some of their OOP charts as a last hurrah before they retire. The one in your post is called Weather Wise, and it's available from 123 Stitch. Cathy or Linda could probably get it for you, too! No, don't thank me--I'm happy to enable people.

Barb said...

What a delightful post. I always love seeing the projects you and your dear friends are working on. That's a great shop, I wish we had one here like that. The Quaker design is beautiful and the frame just perfect for it.

Maggee said...

Great post! So much to share... and see...What a fab shop! I like that PS piece... never saw it before now, but gonna hunt it down! I don't do many of theirs, but I'm liking it! Hugs!

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

My virgin voyage to The House of Stitches was accompanied by three of you fine ladies in the photo :) It is a hallowed experience I will never forget! Of course Pat's Mary Peacock is the bomb, because frankly Pat is the bomb! And Linda's CHS finish...and frame...stunning as usual!
Can't wait to see your Barbara Ana finish and your own Mary Peacock. Get busy!

pj said...

Thanks for sharing your fun day! Love House of Stitches and the Mexican Grill. We always stop there too. Glad you kitted a new project as I know your stash has been dwindling! 😛. Great choice...always love seeing the models.

woolwoman said...

beautiful finishes, great WIP's , awesome shopping, super classes, friends food and fun - what's not to like about your last 2 posts. Like Jackie ( we are DF's and live in the same area) we long for experiences like you girls have up north. Just enjoy it and live like there is no tomorrow - Cheers ! Mel

Terri said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time! Lovely pictures! House of Stitches is a great shop! I need to go back some time soon!