Sunday, July 08, 2007

A is for Alphabetica

Trish, Jane, and I are in an Alphabetica round robin project. This is our work from one of the latest books. It is Debbie's "Alpha Female" book. These two pages (above and below) are by Trish. Debbie asked us to use as our inspiration a female who was important to us. Trish's pages are about her grandma, Cecil Violet. Please enlarge the pages by clicking on them so you can read about her grandma. She was really cool! Below is a photo of Cecil.

Above and below are Jane's pages. As always, Jane is the Queen of Color!!! Above she used a transferred image of her Mom. Below she used an image of her Grandma.

Above and below are the two pages I did. I was going to use my Mom or my Grandmothers, but then I felt guilty cause I could not use them all. Instead, I made an imaginary person. I typed out her story and printed it on vellum and put it in between my two pages.

The story is:
L: Lost Love leads to a Lulu of a Life.
Lorna was in love in 1929. She was to become a lawfully wedded wife, but when her lover ran away with a Lolita, lovely Lorna decided to lead a new life.

She lived her lifelong dream of becoming a librarian. She took the train to Louisiana, long from her little hometown of Louisville. There she lived to find herself surrounded by the love of books, and soon thereafter she met Lawrence who became the true love her life.

I love our pages!! It is hard to part with them. I figured if I put them on the blog we could always remember them!


Babsarella said...

All your pages are truly exceptional!!!

Beth said...

They are ALL fabulous !!!!!
My turn next !!!!

Diane Duda said...

Lorna looks lovely!!!

Debbie Nicholas said...

ooh they are all gorgeous laura - thank you so much for posting them for me :)

Trixie said...

Lovely tribute to the Alphabetica Ladies, both in the journals and those who "art them up"! I liked all your L words in your pages!! Lovely Layout!

kimberlykwan said...

you girls really outdid yourselves...LOVE Lorna's story!

My turn now!

Jane said...

Laura and Trish your pages are super dooper fantastic! What a great tribute to Trish's gram and love Laura's L story - so clever!!!

dogfaeriex5 said...

wow, all the pages look great..cannot wait to see your shining face on thursday!!! and began another chapter for tootfest..
and trixie's card is beautiful...

Donna Layton said...

Lovely pages! So fun to look at. I really liked your story about Lorna. So creative!