Monday, July 30, 2007

Willy-Nilly Posting - Part One

Hey blog buddies, sorry I have been absent for so long! I have been having so much fun lately that I have been overwhelmed and didn't know what to post! I always feel like I have to "go in order" and tell my stories exactly how each thing happened. Well, I can't do it this time. After Tootfest I was so overloaded by all the fun we had that I couldn't make myself post anything. So, here is a willy-nilly post of different stuff. Who says that chronological order has to rule the day!??? First up, is a darling book I found when we went to the antique mall in Crown Point, Indiana. I found tons of treasures in that town (as always!). If someone made me move to Indiana I would not mind at all. I love that state. Of course, that is where my Grandma is from so we have lots of family history there.
The ladies at the antique shop threw this card in for free with my order! Isn't it unique and cool?
Another find in Crown Point. The scan does not do it justice, what a cute baby!
Yesterday my Mom gave me this card she found when antique shopping in Michigan City, Indiana. It is exactly what I have been looking for. I am totally into "juvenile" cards from the 50's, 60's and 70's. Jane and I found the mother lode when we were in St. Charles, Missouri.

Today at work the building engineer brought in the above and below photos to see if Jane and I wanted to buy them. He goes "junking" and keeps his eye out for cool stuff for us. We got each picture for $3. I love this bridal picture! Can't wait to do something with it.
Here is the other photo from today. A bridesmaid photo which is lovely.
I have been heavily into tag making lately. I want to make tag books people!!! So, I asked each person at Tootfest to make me a tag. Above is Julie's extremely cool tag that will be the front of my tag book. She used "rebar" to make the letters!
Here is Kim's tag. She used an illustration of a tulip in a flower book I got at a used book sale for #1. She turned the tulip into the little girl's skirt! Genius!
As always, Jane blows me away with her cute design! Note: She cut into her new Basic Grey Infuse paper!!! Wow! How the times have changed. We are all trying not to hoard our favorite papers anymore.
Trish made a beautiful tag using lots of birdies (everyone's current favorite image!). This is the front of the tag.
Here is the back of the tag! Sheer perfection!
Kim made this awesomely cool ATC for me!!!!

More tomorrow!!!!!!!!


Beth said... are alive and happy. I was starting to worry about you, but now that I know everything is okay, I'll just wait for more of your great blogging.
I'm still so sad that I missed tootfest 2, but you know I'll be there for 3 without question !!!!!

dogfaeriex5 said...

okay this is a GREAT POST!!
i love how everything looks we made some cool things at this tootfest, didnt we!!
i tried to make some jewelry today but it just wasnt having it...
anyhoo, chance marie sends her love..

Trixie said...

I'm digging the whole Willy-Nilly idea! Random images from life in general. So good, so rich, so you.

Nan - said...

I love the first book. I still have some of mine, and they look much like it. Lovely cards and photos.