Monday, October 22, 2007

Scenes from a weekend

Is this not the cutest stamp you ever saw????? Run, don't walk, to Red Lead in St. Louis or visit their web site for such awesome cuteness! I can't wait to make stuff with this little gal and her friend below!
Red Lead never ceases to amaze me! Chris and Sharon are the coolest!
Here are the stamps I recently purchased from their website! They seem to be in tune with my inner child at all times!
Here is a dish I recently purchased for $3. I just think it is so cute and love storing art supplies in it.
Here are my two fur children, Buddy and Pal, stalking the falling leaves.
Yesterday we went to the Third Sunday Antique Market in Bloomington, IL again. Here is a sight I love to come across, a bunch of vintage photos. I just want to sit in a comfortable chair and go through them all!
There was lots of vintage Christmas about too.
Here are my Mom and one of my bestest buddies, Lorie, giving commentary on the "stuff." We had a great day together. Lorie packed us a cute sack lunch and we met Jane and her Mom to eat.
Saturday night my Mom came to sleep overnight because we had to leave at the crack of dawn on Sunday for the Antique Market. Mike made some delicious chicken pasta salad!!!!
Close-up of Mike's culinary masterpiece!!!

Now I am getting ready to leave Wednesday right after work to drive up to Wisconsin for class with one of my idols, Lynne Perrella, at Valley Ridge. Should be a total gas. I will take pictures and post when I get back, so see you in a week people!!!


Trixie said...

Great photos, great recap! I can't wait to spend time with you this weekend!

Noreen said...

ah look at that junk..clutter clutter clutter as cecil would put a hat on it... and get packing for WI--noreen

JJ said...

How did that crazy Noreen get enough computer knowledge to leave you a comment???? She is in for one heck of a weekend...anyway Mike's dinner creation looks wonderful wish I could have a big forkful right now....ready to roll see you tomorrow!!!!

Beth said...

ohhh...that pile of photos...almost as great as chocolate !!!
See you soon !!!!

dogfaeriex5 said...

i cannot wait until tomorrow!!
serious, i cannot wait to see you but really what is on my mind is a delicious portillos chi~town hot dog!!

Nathalie Thompson said...

Laura, I love your site. That's why you've been TAGged! (You're IT!)

BTW, the stamps you found ARE CUTE! and I have some vintage cards you might like. I would send them to you if you were comfortable giving out your address (I love RAKing people).

One Crabapple said...

your mom looks so sweet...

Your banner is so good, I am getting that stamp !! and that pasta looks great.

Hope you all are having fun fun fun at VR and learning lots to share wonderful artwork with us !