Monday, October 01, 2007


I have been on an Ebay kick of late. More vintage ephemera. Lots of vintage Christmas cards and seals. I will be posting a lot of them around the Holidays.

I also bought these totally cool Tally Cards! I have not seen such unique ones ever. Love em!
I need to stay away from Ebay for awhile, or as Mike puts it, "quit buying junk." Although I heartily disagree that it is junk!!! To me it is a total treasure!
You might not see me back in these parts for the rest of the week. My buddy and co-worker Jane is on a well-deserved vacation in Northern California and I am working alone, which means go, go, go the entire time I am there!!! Exhausting! Plus, Mike and I are going to see the wonderful and talented Raul Malo on Wednesday night. Have a good week everybody!!!!


Trixie said...

I think your Tally cards are just peachy! I love the colors and of course the ladies. I too am working overtime every night this week! Here is to girls who work it!! You have yourself a good one too!

Nan - said...

Have a great time at the concert! I think he's great.

Mrs.E said...

You are going to see Raul Malo? You lucky lucky lady! I just adore his music. Listening to him is like listening to Elvis sing love songs :) Please let us know how your outing goes.

I think these cards are just adorable. They are so pretty. Thank you for sharing them here.

Amy Lester said...

Laura, I am too tired or possibly too dumb to figure out if I friended you on LJ yet. If not, please let me know what your username is and I will. Post haste. Thank you.

Diane Duda said...

Hope you enjoyed your evening last night!
And I love all of your treasures.


Beth said...

Only in a man's world are items like what you bought considered junk. In a woman's world they're considered orgasmic !

You go girl !!!

MarilynH said...

I get on those kicks sometimes, too!! Its the best way to get your stash really going!

scribbler said...

super cool.

One Crabapple said...


These cards ARE NOT JUNK

Omg ! these are so kool. You are right !

The Best Ever !