Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Christmas Card Fun

Jane and I had an impromptu card making session on Sunday. She made the one on the top and I made this one below. Jane used the most excellent new stamp from Red Lead, the cute little dressed up girl! Also, the word stamp, Sparkling Winter Wishes, is from Red Lead (the greatest store on earth located in St. Louis, but you can also shop on their website!!) Click HERE to go to their website!!!!!
I used German Scrap from Red Lead on my card. The background is some totally divine vintage wallpaper which I received in a package from the wonderful Donna at Under the Red Roof. She has an Etsy shop with beautiful Christmas-like vintage wallpaper.......Get some, you will not be disappointed!
And some more fun inspiration is seen here with these vintage cards!
Hope you feel inspired to create some great Christmas cards!


Beth said...

WOW....all your goodies are delightful but I'm most amazed that you were up at 6:30 AM posting all of this !!!! xoxo

Trixie said...

Lovely work girls!! I was in our hometown with the mommers on Sunday..so sorry to of missed the play date! I can not wait till this weekend when I will have time to tear into my supplies and make some neato ornaments!

dogfaeriex5 said...

omg! these are gorgeous, will anyone be receiving any of your beauties???

Joy for the Journey said...

Laura - I love your 'vintage Christmas'! Thanks so much for stopping by and telling me the author of the quote. You know what's funny about that? Rumi is one of my absolute favorite writers/philosophers!! How funny that I would be draw to it and not even know!!
Have a great weekend-

Joy for the Journey said...

Oops! One more thing! I forgot to answer you counseling question - I counsel children and adults in our local public school system; I'm a professional school counselor at a lovely little school! It's one of the best switches I ever made. A gret job, but one that leaves you needing an outlet - as you know :)

Jessica Lynn said...

Yummy.. Vintage Cards. I just love it. :)

Jessica Lynn