Sunday, December 02, 2007

More Christmas Magic!

Last year I came up with an idea for a collaborative project called the Faux Family Album. I asked a bunch of great gals to participate and they did!!! I sent each person a vintage picture of a person that I bought from various antique shops. I asked each person to make a page in a photo album and on the back tell the story of that person. The pages I received back were just absolutely astounding. Just for fun, I sent them into the magazine Somerset Memories to see if they might be published, and luckily they wanted to feature our project in the magazine. The icing on the cake was that they asked me to write the article!!! What an honor!!! So, here is a picture of the cover of the magazine so if you are looking for it in the bookstore you can find it!
Here are the inside pages that feature our work! And lookee there under the title is "By Laura Duet!!!!" That is more Christmas magic for this month!!! Special things always happen in December it seems.
The only bummer was that they could not feature everyone's page in the magazine. Each page was truly a masterpiece!!!
If you are interested in finding the magazine, it should be in bookstores this coming week or you could go to the Stampington website to order.


Trixie said...

Yay for us!!! I hope I get a free issue! I better not wait too long cuz I gotta get one for posterity! You are a natural writer young miss.

Beth said...

Yippee for all of us getting a chance to be in your album...let alone being published !!!

Karen said...

Oooooo I have to get my copy!! Thank you so much for letting us know it is ready!! I am off to get my copy pronto!!!! I can't wait to read your article. You are super talented!!

carlene federer said...

Got my comp copy a couple of days ago...congrats on your article, you did a fantastic job! And it was fun seeing some of our entries in print...thanx again for organizing a fun round robin!

Mrs. Staggs said...

Congratulations! I think this is a wonderful project, and I'll look for this issue of the magazine, today when I head out to the craft store in search for little wheels.
There is all sorts of lovely inspiration on your site too.
Thanks for sharing all your great ideas.
Best wishes to you!

denise said...

Thanks so much, Laura, for posting this notice of the success of our project! I'll be off to pick up a copy when I'm out later today. And thank you once again, for all the hard work and motivation you provided on our behalf.

Babsarella said...

Congratulations on this wonderful accomplishment!!! It was fun to be a part of this project. I just picked up my copy and I am looking forward to sitting down and savoring each and every page!!

zUzU said...

=^..^= oh Laura!
I finally get a working computer and lookie at this I see! Youze an author!

I must say the project turned knock-your-socks-off WONDERFUL ... an incredible idea acted upon ::sigh:: I hadn't seen all of the "family" stories before, so what a treat!

I might even have to buy a copy of this one!
Usually I try to go by with blinders on ... To many good things and that darn time thing in my way ::grr::

Fabulous to visit you again here in blogland.
=^..^= love, zU