Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas! Peace on Earth!

All is calm. All is bright.

Son of God. Love's pure light.

Radiant beams from Thy holy face.

Joy to the World.

He rules the world with truth and grace.

Repeat the sounding joy.

And wonders of his love.

O little town of Bethlehem, How still we see thee lie! Above the deep and dreamless sleep the silent stars go by. Yet in thy dark streets shineth The everlasting light;
The hopes and fears of all the years are met in thee tonight.

Christmas Eve is my favorite night of the year. Still. Even though now it is completely different from the Christmas Eve's of my childhood. We would always go to my Grandma's house. Big dinner. Lots of family. Lots of presents. Back home to wait for Santa. I took it all for granted. I miss it so. Still, Christmas Eve is my favorite night of the year. It is a magical night. Still. I wrote down all my favorite lines from Christmas carols above. I don't go to church anymore, but still believe, yet with a wider belief in the reverence of all the religions and all believers. There are good people everywhere. Still.

Tonight Mike and I will spend Christmas Eve with my Mom and my brother. We are missing many people, but we will feel their spirits with us. Still. And always.

Merry Christmas to you and your families!


Nathalie Thompson said...

Merry Christmas!

One Crabapple said...

what a wonderful idea to write down lines from all the carols you love. Thank you. I am at work today for alittle while and I will be doodling my own down as well. Inspiration-ist You !

Mery MERRY Christmas Dearest MAude.
Hope your night is every peaceful wonderfulness that you wish for.
Love, S

Liz said...

Merry Christmas Laura. I love this night too - carols in the background and just doing whatever.

dogfaeriex5 said...

oh laura~
this was a beautiful post and i think that christmas eve is the most magical night also,especially the few seconds before it turns into christmas day....thanks for sharing your fav song lines, you always have the best ideas....

Beth said...

Isn't it amazing how many of us share the love of Christms Eve...especially the old memories ??
We too went to Grandma's house when I was young and she was alive...lots of food and family and presents. It's not the same for us anymore either, but we all try to do our best and speak fondly of the memories that she created in all of us !!!
This year we were at my sister's house all day and evening with lots of food and laughs and then a church service where my brother-in-law plays in their band and this year my nephew...8 years old.... played 3 songs with the band (as their usual drummer was on vacation)....can you imagine how wonderful that was for all of us to enjoy ?!
Here's hoping that your Christmas was absolutely wonderful !!!!