Thursday, April 17, 2008

Elizabeth Berg

One day a long time ago when I worked the 3-11 shift in the psychiatric unit.......I was on my way to work, but was a little early. I went to the bookstore. I saw Talk Before Sleep by Elizabeth Berg. I didn't know who she was. I didn't really buy books, mostly I would read library books. But something happened that day, and I thought to myself, this book looks really good and I am now a successful single working woman and I think I will treat I bought the book. Lucky, lucky me!!! It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship with some of my favorite books ever.
Fast forward several years, I was married and now I was able to buy more books because my wonderful husband loved to read too and we would go to bookstores together on "toots" and just have the greatest time. It was around this time that I noticed that when an author had a new book out they would go on tour and read from their new book. They would also sign your copy of the new book. Fun! A new passion was born. I went to a lot of readings (mostly with my friend Sharon, we had it down to a science!)
Of course, when Elizabeth Berg came to town we went to see her. The first few times my Mom and I went. Then Sharon would come. Then we would get a whole group together, you know Kathy, Pat, and Diane.......we would go out to eat and then go to the reading. It was so much fun and so great to be in the presence of Elizabeth who is just once of the nicest, coolest and greatest writers there is!

Well, tonight after work, I went over to the bookstore because Elizabeth has a new book out. It is called, The Day I Ate Whatever I Wanted (see book cover below). I went by myself because I had not planned ahead for all my buddies to come with. I guess it was kind of a spur of the moment thing because I have not been to a reading for a long time, but this reading tonight was close to where I work so I figured I had better make the effort.

I am so glad I did. Elizabeth is in fine form in this book. These are short stories and the second you read the first sentence you will not be able to stop. Elizabeth has a way of writing that puts things you think, feel, love, and wish into words. She is so real and so funny. Nowadays she even has a website with great information about all of her books, her current book tour and a blog. Please check it out HERE! Check out the appearance schedule and, please, if she is going to be at a bookstore near you, GO!!! You will have a wonderful evening....and please read some of her books, they are the best!!!!!!!!


Beth said...

Because of you, I now own the entire Eliabeth Berg library !!!

The first book you started me with was, "talk before sleep" and I was immediately hooked and went on to read (and of course, buy) everything else she has written.

For anyone else reading these comments, Laura is right !!!
Run now and buy all of her will not be disappointed !!!!

And now that she has a new I go to Barnes and Noble !!!

Thanks Laura for getting me hooked on Eliabeth !!!

Beth said...

and holy ****
I just found out she will be here in town on May 14th....

OMG.....I get to meet her in person !!!

thanks so much Laura for giving us her website !!!

Jeanie said...

Wow -- that's a great recommendation! I have heard of her -- she did the tour at the up-north bookstore last summer (during the week, when I wasn't there!) I will look more carefully and now will end up standing in line with one (or maybe, dare I say, two?) in hand!

Thanks! I'm checking out the tour site next!

Nan - said...

What a delightful post. I hope somehow EB reads it!

Les said...

I came here by way of Nan's blog (she provided me with this specific link). I have been reading everything ever written by Elizabeth Berg (in hardcover!) since I first discovered her back in the early '90s. Talk Before Sleep was my first read and I fell in love with her writing. There are only a few books that I haven't loved as much as her earlier works, but for the most part, she's one of my very favorite authors. I don't know why I've never looked for her blog, but I'm thrilled you posted the link, because I just discovered she's going to be here, in Lincoln, Nebraska, next month!! We rarely ever get any big names like her, so I will be sure to mark it on my calendar and head over to the independent bookstore she'll be visiting.

Now to figure out which book to take to have her sign? The very first book (Talk Before Sleep) or her latest...

Donna Layton said...

Oh cool. I'll start with Talk Before Sleep too. I've been mulling around a round robin idea with a novel as the theme. We all read the same novel and work out some way to theme our books based on the novel. Like we each choose a character. Something like that. Of course, you came immediately to mind for this. I'm still working it out and I'm not sure when I can actually get it going, but what do you think??

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Nathalie Thompson said...

Ah, to have a bookish husband and go to readings. You have the life! About the only reading I do anymore is a magazine article or what I browse on the 'net. Sad, isn't it? These days I buy books for altering, not reading! haha

Trixie said...

Great posts and a bevy of followers as well! You should share your other EB stories as well!

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