Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lunch Hour

A couple of days ago during lunch hour my coworker and buddy Miss Jane and I had to break out of the office. We had a serious need to see something vintage. We heard that a local antique shop was having a moving sale.
Luckily for us we found a stash of most excellent greeting cards!
Can you stand the cuteness???
We will be putting these to good use over the coming months!!!
True Confession: I would love it if a professionally driven Winnebago would pull up and take my friends and I driving around the antique shops of the Midwest so we could look for vintage cards!! Can you imagine the fun!! Being driven about while napping, chatting, reading, eating snack foods, searching out Starbucks, and laughing!!!! Dreamy!!!


Trixie said...

Key buy! Great idea to boot!

Beth said...

Can I come along in the winnebago ?
I promise not to get bitchy !

Lorie said...

I am so there, can I be the official cook?

Susan said...

Would salmon ball be included? If so, count me in!!!

Nan - said...

Being just that little bit :<) older than you, I used to give and receive cards such as these. When you buy them, do you put them in some sort of display in your house? On the wall in frames? Under glass on a coffee table?

Laura said...

Hey Beth...of course you can come along!!!!!! We could start at the best antique mall I know of....the one by your house!!! Of course the gal who posted above you will be along on the trip!

Lorie...of course you will be on board...and offering to cook??? Yes!!! and as your daughter points out...we need a salmon ball or 3 at the rate we go through them!

Nan....we use them in our "art" by making really good photocopies of them and making cards and such. I vow that one day you will receive such in the mail!!!!!! As soon as I get back on a creative streak! Of course, we just love to own them too!!! They are just so heartwarming!!!

Laura said...

oh, but Nan, that idea of under glass on a coffee table???????????

I am going to do that one for sure!!!!

thanks for the idea!

dogfaeriex5 said...

hey, julie can be the driver!! she would love to winnebago it fun would that be...
love that and janie find the cutest cards...

Relyn said...

I love all those cards, but especially the Christmas green one. Wish I could join you on your Winnebago trip. I think you should really do it. Everyone involved would have the time of their life. Happy weekend!

Jeanie said...

No, I can't stand the cuteness -- It's making me crazy with adorableness! These are glorious finds!

When the Winnie comes to Michigan pick me up! I know some great spots!

Have missed checking in during my crazy period! But I'm back, posting and delighted to find out how Maude and Mozart is! Take care, Laura!

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