Thursday, October 09, 2008

Cross Stitch in Ohio

My current obsession with cross-stitch continues. However, I have spent more time visiting stitching blogs and looking at designs than I have actually stitched. I think that is because I have been pooped after work; I am hoping this weekend brings the time and energy to get stitching. I plan on getting a book on tape and listening to that while I stitch this weekend.
These pictures are all from Cross My Heart in Columbus, Ohio. Last weekend my friends were kind enough to take me here even though none of them have the stitching fever. I walked into the store and declared myself in heaven. It is chock full of great samples and charts. I really could have spent several hours there.
I bought a pattern that I thought was a woman cross-stitching; but once I got in the car and read it I realized she was looking at a plan of her garden. Oh poo! I do not garden and the chart looks kind of hard. Now this week I am obsessed with two new companies, Little House Needleworks and Country Cottage Needleworks. (If I understand it right this is a Mother and Daughter team!) I had one of their designs in my hand, but since I could only buy one I decided to go with the one that would be a challenge. Wrong!!! I should have bought the Country Cottage chart. So I am on the hunt; either on the internet or if I should just happen to be in the vicinity of a cross stitch store.........

I love to see all the samples!!!! You probably cannot see it, but if you enlarge this picture do you see the Christmas Fairy who is framed with a red mat???? Someday I will stitch this!!! I loved it!


Diane Duda said...

You are so tempting me to break out the needle and floss again! Cut it out!!!
I do love that fairy though and the one just below her. Argh!


Nicole said...

Hi Maude,

Thank you for the very nice comment on my blog! :) I hope you find the perfect pattern to stitch! LHN and CCN patterns are great because they are simple and sweet. Look forward to reading more of your blog! :)


Karin said...

Looks like a fantastic shop! Glad you had a good weekend away.

Ann said...

but wait...which chart was it that you left behind?

I love LHN and CCN charts, myself! I've got a stack of them here to stitch, and more on the way!

Beth said...

and you, my dear friend, also have a new obsession with your cross stitching and I'm thrilled to see you being so passionate about it !!!

I think you have found your niche....with a stitch !!!
{you knew I was going to do that didn't you ?}

Jeanie said...

Fabulous! I'm so excited you've found this new (old) friend! It's a great match!

Anonymous said...

I can see the Christmas fairy & I love it too. I just bought it & plan to start it soon.

Regards from Iceland

cheeto said...

Oops! I didn't see the comment you left asking about shops in the Chicago area! The only one I've found nearby is Welcome Stitchery ( in Crystal Lake, IL. It's not a huge shop, but they have lots of fibers, charts, etc. and it's in a cute downtown area. Maybe we could get together sometime!