Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Friday!

Well, isn't this the cutest cherry pie ever??? Our last day in Ohio was spent lunching at Julie's mom's home and she made us this pie! The smiley face is an extra touch that I really appreciate.

Today is Friday! A day that is always filled with tons of possibilities and dreams about how the weekend will be spent. I wish I had dreams (and the inclination) of working-out, eating right, and housework. However, truth be told, I have dreams of long naps, reading a good book, hanging out with Mike, going to the movies, spending long stretches of time in a bookstore, spending the day cross-stitching, going antique hunting, going to a needlework store, going out for lunch..........Well you get the picture. I have a long list of ideas and not enough time or money for all of it.

But that is okay, once I settle myself down I am quite content to hang around the house and just be. (of course, I have an ace up my sleeve, I just discovered a darling cross-stitch shop a few towns over and plan to sneak over there this weekend!). I am also hoping to finish my current book so that I can start, The American Wife by Curtis Sittenfield. I plan on cross-stitching while watching the Bears game with Mike. And if I got any touch of motivation I will wash a floor or two!

Have a great weekend People!


JJ said...

That's my Mom - I guess the teacher in you never leaves...smiley faces for everyone!! Have a great weekend!!

dogfaeriex5 said...

i wish i had some of the cherry pie STAT!!!! and maybe some of her chicken & dumplings..yummy..but i will just have to settle for my nonfat no foam latte this morning....have a wonderful weekend!!

Jeanie said...

What a FABULOUS idea for a pie! Not only do I love cherry pie, but it's so darned happy! I'll have to remember that one!

Beth said...

forget cleaning the is too short !!!

read, nap and eat that's the way to live !!!

Trixie said...

Such a happy little place to stop in for a howdy hi! I miss your face, but feel like I am right with you whenever I visit your blog. Such great writing! Such yummy pictures! Miss you much!

Nan said...

I love your energy and enthusiasm! You know how to live, Laura!!

Trudy said...

Would you share the cute little cross stitch shop that you found a few towns over? I am in Columbus quite frequently for medical check-ups and I would love to find a new to me shop!!

Please feel free to email me it also.