Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Lucky me!!! My Dad and his wife, Mary, are flying me out to Seattle so that I can then take the ferry over to their home on Bainbridge Island!!! I love this area! It is so gorgeous...the water, the trees, the slower pace.....I love taking the ferry!
As you can see it is very beautiful there. I am looking forward to hanging out and doing the things we usually do.....watching the birds, eating almonds and grapes at cocktail hour, reading books, listening to good music, talking a walk in the woods....
...visiting Bainbridge Gardens which is a beautiful nursery, maybe going out on my Dad's sailboat if the weather is good, strolling through the downtown with all the great shops!
and then later during my stay my best buddy Noreen is flying up from L.A. so that we can drive over to Snohomosh and go to this big antique mall!!!! It is called Star Center Antique mall. We are planning on driving there and spending the night so that we can really antique it up!!!
One of my most favorite pre-trip activities is getting my reading material all ready. I have been avoiding starting a new book thinking I will start it at O'Hare on Saturday when I far I have this book ready to start. I came across it at Target (which surprisingly has a very good book section!) and it looked very interesting. I am a sucker for memoirs!!! Also, I am hoping to get Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Piccoult. Not sure why, but this looks like a good fast read too. I also got the new Marie Claire magazine because Tina Fey is on the cover and I find her fascinating. Once I am the airport (will arrive there early) I will look over all the book and magazine much fun! I can't wait to hunker down on the plane and read my way to fabulous Washington.....

If anyone out there knows of any good antique shops in the Snohomosh area, will you let me know???

I am flying back on May 10th and I will be back here on the blog on May 11th.....I will miss Mike who is staying home, my darling cat children, and all of you until then!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lunch Hour

A couple of days ago during lunch hour my coworker and buddy Miss Jane and I had to break out of the office. We had a serious need to see something vintage. We heard that a local antique shop was having a moving sale.
Luckily for us we found a stash of most excellent greeting cards!
Can you stand the cuteness???
We will be putting these to good use over the coming months!!!
True Confession: I would love it if a professionally driven Winnebago would pull up and take my friends and I driving around the antique shops of the Midwest so we could look for vintage cards!! Can you imagine the fun!! Being driven about while napping, chatting, reading, eating snack foods, searching out Starbucks, and laughing!!!! Dreamy!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Linky Loo

Isn't this one of the cutest button cards you have ever seen???? My friend Lorie gave it to me this weekend and I am wild about it! The graphics on some of the old button cards are just stunning!!!!

Over the past few days I have received some of the most exciting and inspiring comments on my blog.....I have met some new people and just had the best time visiting new blogs. Thank you to all who leave comments and to all the new people who have visited lately.... you all have surely brightened my days!!!

With that in mind, I would like to give you some links to other blogs that I have recently discovered........please have a visit for yourself...

Dan Drinker

This is a blog written by Dan Drinker's younger brother. Dan has Down's Syndrome. Dan knows how to live and celebrate every moment of life. You want inspiration...go to this blog!! You want some brotherly love.....go to this blog!! You want flat out entertainment....go to this blog!!! Great place!!!

Lesley's Book Nook

Lucky me!!! Lesley came to visit! Lesley writes a blog full of book reviews!!! So many great is so much fun to read...I think we have quite similar taste in books. I could spend hours looking through her blog!

Come Sit By My Fire

This is Relyn's blog and it is full of eye candy and inspiration! Beautiful photography. Wonderful sentiments. and Relyn and I have a lot of books in common too!! Wonderful blog!

Be Present, Be Here

Liz's blog is just gorgeous. It has a feeling of tranquility and thoughtfulness....and anyone who lists the movie Pillow Talk among their favorites is a friend of mine! I also just noticed that Liz is a yoga instructor in the Puget Sound area!! Liz, I am coming to Bainbridge Island in two weeks and have always wanted to try yoga! I will have to ask you if you are close to Bainbridge!

Sleeping Dogs

As titled above, this is a website with movies of dogs sleeping!!! You cannot beat that for sweetness (well, I guess sleeping babies would be sweeter, but you know what I mean!)

Fighting Monsters with Rubber Swords

This is a blog that has been around for quite some time. Is is written by a man and is mostly about his daughter who has a condition that prevents her from being able to speak. He has a new book out about it called Schuyler's Monster which I really want to read. He has a great writing style and seems really cool.....

Thanks for all the happiness and joy people!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Elizabeth Berg

One day a long time ago when I worked the 3-11 shift in the psychiatric unit.......I was on my way to work, but was a little early. I went to the bookstore. I saw Talk Before Sleep by Elizabeth Berg. I didn't know who she was. I didn't really buy books, mostly I would read library books. But something happened that day, and I thought to myself, this book looks really good and I am now a successful single working woman and I think I will treat I bought the book. Lucky, lucky me!!! It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship with some of my favorite books ever.
Fast forward several years, I was married and now I was able to buy more books because my wonderful husband loved to read too and we would go to bookstores together on "toots" and just have the greatest time. It was around this time that I noticed that when an author had a new book out they would go on tour and read from their new book. They would also sign your copy of the new book. Fun! A new passion was born. I went to a lot of readings (mostly with my friend Sharon, we had it down to a science!)
Of course, when Elizabeth Berg came to town we went to see her. The first few times my Mom and I went. Then Sharon would come. Then we would get a whole group together, you know Kathy, Pat, and Diane.......we would go out to eat and then go to the reading. It was so much fun and so great to be in the presence of Elizabeth who is just once of the nicest, coolest and greatest writers there is!

Well, tonight after work, I went over to the bookstore because Elizabeth has a new book out. It is called, The Day I Ate Whatever I Wanted (see book cover below). I went by myself because I had not planned ahead for all my buddies to come with. I guess it was kind of a spur of the moment thing because I have not been to a reading for a long time, but this reading tonight was close to where I work so I figured I had better make the effort.

I am so glad I did. Elizabeth is in fine form in this book. These are short stories and the second you read the first sentence you will not be able to stop. Elizabeth has a way of writing that puts things you think, feel, love, and wish into words. She is so real and so funny. Nowadays she even has a website with great information about all of her books, her current book tour and a blog. Please check it out HERE! Check out the appearance schedule and, please, if she is going to be at a bookstore near you, GO!!! You will have a wonderful evening....and please read some of her books, they are the best!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Must Read!

I have spent the last 24 hours reading this book!!!!! It is a must read. I say RUN, don't walk to the bookstore and get it. It is a memoir written by a lovely and funny woman, Kelly Corrigan. She recounts her youth, her cancer diagnosis and treatment, her marriage and her two daughters, and her parents with such wit and great storytelling! I could not put this book down and I wanted to tell all of you about it because I think everyone I know would love this book.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Intriguing...........All the women pictured in the post are intriguing to me. I stop in my tracks whenever something about them is on TV, or one of their movies is on......Doris Day...I just love her! She is a great singer and a great comic actress....and so gorgeous!!! Pillow Talk is one of my fave movies!!!!
Also one of my favorite singers and actresses...Barbra Streisand! I love Funny Girl the best. I would love to read an autobiography by Barbra.
I love a few old Bette Davis movies too. Now Voyager is my favorite.
Hands down, the most intriguing woman ever to me is Princess Diana. I am still devastated that she died. I have many, many books about her. I wish she were still here. She was the most beautiful woman ever.
Joan Crawford. She was so gorgeous and such a great actress. Pictures of her from the 1930's and 1940's are so iconic looking. I love the movie Mildred Pierce.
I love Julianne Moore. I think she is such a great actress, not to mention the fact that she is so beautiful. My favorite movie of hers is Magnolia.
I would love to just sit and listen to Meryl Streep talk. She seems so interesting. I would love it if she would write an autobiography.

Who is intriguing to you?

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


A couple of weeks ago my friend Jane traveled to a little place we call "Heaven on Earth!!!!" Red Lead Paperworks in St. Louis!!!!! She brought back these stamps for me and they are totally great!!!!! The one above is a Red Lead original!!!! If you are loving it too, you can order one from their site! Go HERE to see the wonders of Red Lead!!!!!!!!!!
These two stamps (above and below) are new from Tin Can Mail........I can't wait to use them!!!!!!!!
Thanks Jane!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 06, 2008


I am back baby!!!!!! I just finished with my Paralegal I am going to pay attention to my creative side! Oh, and try to clean the house and eat healthy and exercise.....and basically just get "in touch with my real self" again......... First up will be a health dose of napping, reading, and a bit of stamping today! Hope to see a lot more of you around these parts as I get back to a regular blogging schedule!

Saturday, April 05, 2008


Here lies the history of my celebrity crushes.................first there was the trio of David Cassidy......
Donny Osmond........
and Bobby Sherman.............. I remember being in the car going somewhere with my Mom and Grandma and reading Tiger Beat magazine in the back seat!!! I wish I had an old back issue..that would be hilarious! Around that time I was also a faithful reader of Seventeen magazine and hoping against hope that I too could have some Bonnie Bell lipsmackers!!!! And even more hilarious....when I would go to the doctor and have to get a shot...I would repeat "Donny Osmond, Donny Osmond" in my head in an attempt to alleviate the pain of that needle prick.....

In high school most of my crushes were on real live guys, but I managed to have time to have a little obsession with Luke (Anthony Geary) of General Hospital fame...
Let's throw in a brief crush on Richard Gere.......
.......a more lengthy crush on Sylvester Stallone........especially from the first Rocky movie where he was so sweet to Adrianne.....

and the years passed and there was no real celebrity crush until......

........Jim of The Office! It the character of Jim and the looks of the actor John Krasinski that really make me swoon! Actually, as I reflect on this I really think this is why I am in love with my husband, he looks kind of like Jim and has that same sweetness about him.

What is your celebrity crush chronology?????????