Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hepped Up

These are the things I am currently excited about.....time to start listening to The Nutcracker!! I think I will bring the CD to work tomorrow and listen.....or maybe not. It touches a really tender spot in my heart and sometimes I get emotional. Better save it for home listening.
Loving the TV show Glee!!!! I bought the album too!
Looking forward to reading this book. I was lucky enough to meet the author, Jim Kokoris, once. He is a really nice guy and a great writer. Run, don't walk, to get a copy of his first novel, The Rich Part of Life, one of my all time favorite books.
You know how I have not been stamping in a while....that means that I have not been scouring stamping sites on a daily basis. Today I stumbled across some stamps that inspire me to clear a path into my stamping room.
Last night at the stitch night at Inspired Needle my friend Karin was working on the above. It is Finch Song by Shepard's Bush. It is one million times more lovely in person. I hope to stitch it someday.
Above is Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow. I will be working on this one next year. It will be so much fun because several stitching friends will be working on it and we are going to meet once a month to sit and stitch on this project. Last night at stitch night I had a blast just stitching and listening to all the conversations around me. I love to hear people talk passionately about their hobbies and things they love.
Above is a piece of Christmas art that got my heart racing. This ATC is from the Red Lead Paperworks blog and is by a really great gal, Linda Freeman. If you want Christmas inspiration get over to their website. It is a treasure trove.
Lastly, above and below, two new stamps from Magenta. They are so dear!

So, that is the stuff that is on my mind tonight. Dreaming of reading, stamping, stitching, and music. If only I was so taken by cleaning and cooking!


CathyR said...

It will be fun to get to sit and stitch with you all on Sundays! The pumpkin soup from the previous post sounds yummy. I wonder if it's made like squash soup? I am just now finishing a bowl of Turkey Wild Rice Pumpkin Soup. YUM. I won't be making a turkey here at home so I roasted a breast the other day so I could use the leftovers for the soup!

Finch is beautiful but you have to finish Mermaid first!

beth said... are hepped up aren't you ?
isn't it great being around people loving the same things you love....

stitch away....oh and of course, read read read !

Nan said...

I put Glee in my Netflix queue - right now it is a 'save.' Thanks, I had never heard of it. Right now I'm totally absorbed in the dvds of Lie to Me, and Inspector Lewis. My boy is flying out to your land tomorrow to visit friends!

Relyn said...

I'm off to the library to see if they have Jim Kokoris' books.

Jeanie said...

Oh, this is the most energetic and exciting post! So much fun stuff -- it makes me happy just reading it. (I love "The Nutcracker" too -- a new PBS version on Dec. 21!