Monday, November 14, 2011

The Big Announcement

Big Announcement:  2012 is the Year of Smalls!

I was daydreaming about having a basket of small pin cushions or little pillows like some of my friends have.  Over the years they have stitched darling little pieces and those pieces reside together in baskets.  Of course, some smalls lend themselves to a sweet little frame and that would be so pretty too!
There are so many cool "smalls" out there!  I thought it would be fun to have a special small project each month of the year in 2012.  It is kind of like having a book club with a new book every month.  I love the anticipation of finding out what the next book is; so I thought we could do that with the small projects.  

Here is a link to the blog:  2012 Year of Smalls

Each month on the 15th day the new small project will be announced.  My stitching buddies each picked a project.  On December 15th the January 2012 small project will be announced on the smalls blog.  That way you will have enough time to gather up the chart and stitching supplies if you would like to stitch it too.  If you like, you may order the chart, fabric and threads from the Inspired Needle.  Cathy will kit up the whole project for you.  

So, I hope you will join me on December 15th for the first project!


Margaret said...

What a great idea! Oh dear oh dear. I'm so bad at smalls and committing to things. I will think on it, but I sure like the idea. And having it all kitted up is even better! lol! Off to add the blog to my reader.

Anonymous said...

What a fun idea, Laura! I love stitching small sized projects! Off to check out the blog!

Robin in Virginia

RuthB said...

Ooooo, I might need to see what you're up to here. Heaven knows I love smalls.

Kellie said...

Hi Laura,
I LOVE this idea. I have been stitching smalls lately and love the gratification of a quick project. I would love to participate with you and your friends if that's okay. :)
I am going to check out your blog.

So exciting!! :)

Michelle said...

Love the idea! How fun!!!

woolwoman said...

great idea Laura and who doesn't love dealing with Cathy at Inspired Needle - she is wonderful! Can you pick and choose or are you commiting for the entire year? I agree with Margaret - I have the best of intentions but life gets in the way. I know from experience that I am not going to do 12 months of anything even if I love it. So i'll be watching for more details - thanks and have a great weekend - melody

Miss LindaLee said...

I had decided a month or so back that 2012 would be my year of "smalls and me" pieces. This is such perfect timing. I'm looking forward to the first one! Thank you for doing this.