Sunday, November 20, 2011

Recent Stitching Sessions

I was lucky this week....stitching at the shop on Tuesday and Friday!  Here are some of the fab sights I saw.  First up is a fabulous sampler that Karin is stitching....I saw her progress on Tuesday and then on Friday I bought the chart myself.  Could not get it out of my system!
Sorry about the jumble of days....Teresa was working on this PS November project on Friday night.  I have LOVED this project for so long and have it in my I kitted it up on Friday night......
Back to Tuesday.....Barb is going to needlepoint this amazing canvas for her daughter.  Her daughter saw it in a shop in Port Townsend, WA and Barb ordered it.  That is so cool!!!!
Karin had a beautiful BBD finish!
We all went ape over this ornament from the current JCS Christmas ornament issue.  I think it is called Joy.  We are doing it with these threads and then some of us are stitching it again with Strawberry Shortcake and Icing Belle Soie silks!!
Masterpiece Alert.....This is the Turkey Sampler by Plum Street Samplings as stitched by Linda.  Now you can see why it is in my short list.  This is one amazing piece.
Karin did this darling ornament over 1 and over 2.  Love it both ways!!
Pat received her ornament back from the finisher!  Gorgeous!  My picture does not do it justice. 
Patti finished Merry Christmas by BBD.  It is so very Gorgeous!
Here is a pic of Patti's progress on this BOAF design.  This is such an amazing piece!  I need to put this on my shortlist too.  It is calling to me!
Candid shot of Friday night stitching.  Sorry, Barb! I got you while you were sipping on root beer...but you still look cute!
Terry joined us all the way from Richmond, IL!!!  That is far!  She had two finishes that were framed and were stunning!  Both by BBD!!  Wow!!!!

The thread colors in both projects were just so pretty!!!! 

It is now a bit past noon on Sunday....I wish there was a stitch store open somewhere!  I want to go play with supplies again!


Cathy Pavlovich said...

It's so nice to have a group to stitch with. We've just formed one and have all of our dates set for 2012! Thanks for posting your fellow stitchers' work. I always get great ideas just seeing what others are doing!

Laurie in Iowa said...

I always enjoy seeing all these wonderful WIPs and finished projects. It does make me long for a LNS close by and a wonderful group to stitch with... I'll just have to be satisfied with the virtual group.

Kellie said...

Reading your blog is starting to become dangerous to my wallet. LOL! So many stunning designs that are finding their way on my wish list. :)

You are so lucky to have such a great group to stitch with and such a great place to get together to stitch.

Inquiring minds would like to know what style is Barb's VB bag? Don't ask me how that was the one thing I spotted in that picture, but it looks like a perfect size for stitching projects. :)

Have a great week!

Margaret said...

I agree with Kellie -- your blog is dangerous! lol! There are at least two pieces that I neeeeed! One of them is waiting for me at my LNS at least. Not kitted though. :( I take it back -- there are at least 3 pieces. lolol! Love to see what you all are up to!

And This Little Pig said...

Laura you are such a lucky duck to be part of a wonderful stitching group... Must say I love the puffin, I think it may just be calling me as well :@
LiBBiE in Oz

Giovanna said...

You ladies rock - what a great show again, congrats to you all!

Katrina said...

As always, I wish I could be there :-)!!!! Everything is so, so pretty and I know you all have the most fun!!!!

Carol said...

What a cozy looking space you have to stitch in with your group, Laura! Love seeing everyone's beautiful work :)

Veronica said...

Wow! That's a ton of gorgeous stitching. Sounds like you're gonna be real busy with all the designs you've added to your to-stitch list ^.^


Natalia said...

Thanks for showing us, Laura !!! Great projects and beautiful finishes !!! You guys make a varied and fun group.

Babs said...

You are so funny. Thanks for telling them I had a root beer.

Jan said...

Laura, Laura, Laura!!! Your joy is so very contagious, I just love it when you post of what you and your friends have been up to!! I want to come and play, wish it wasn't quite so far!LOL

I too am a fan of Turkey Love....I just might get started on it tomorrow, or maybe a Christmas start, we shall see! Thanks for all of the lovely visuals!!!