Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Edna, paper dolls, and music

Look what came in the mail today!! The new Somerset Studio book by Lynne Perrella!!!
Beyond Paper Dolls is the title. I have only glanced through it so far, but it looks really inspiring...total eye candy! For Valentine's Day this year my Mom got me the book Alphabetica by Lynne Perrella, and that started so many cool things for me! The best of which is participating in the Alphabetica round robin with a group of totally talented and super nice gals! So, I expect this book will have a little magic in it too! I will be looking at it tonight for sure!
Speaking of dolls, I received the second issue of the zine Portals recently. It's theme is dolls too. It is so much fun and chock full of inspiration. It is put out by the talented Heather and Joleen. This issue might be sold out, but you can check out the website for information about future issues. I really enjoyed the articles about different artists' studios.
Also in the mail today was a lot of "name" postcards that I got from Ebay. This is one of my faves in the lot. I love that name, Edna!! I think that would make a great name for a female cat! My apologies to all the women named Edna out there who might be offended, butI just don't think it would be a great name for a young girl in this day and age. On another blog there was an idea put forth about making a journal/scrapbook of faux relatives.....I think this would be lots of fun and plan to do something like it in the near future. Since I have so many cool pictures of UCPs (unidentified cool people)...I would like to take some and embellish them and write a little story about each one....someone in that journal is bound to be Edna, and then I can use this postcard!

Remember several posts ago when I was going to start listing "Perfect Albums?" Well, I had intentions of listing things in alphabetical order and doing it in an orderly fashion...however, it seems that whenever I plan to do something "perfectly" I end up not doing it at all, so I will just be slipping in perfect album recommendations willy-nilly, here and there, throughout the coming months (or as long as I have a blog, cause hopefully perfect albums will keep coming in the future!)
My Aim Is True by Elvis Costello......this album was released in 1977, however I did not hear it until 1981! I first heard it when I was in college......Wow!!! What a great and different sound that was for me as I had really only heard AOR (album oriented radio) up until that time (you know the totally mainstream stuff, like The Eagles, Led Zepplin, Boston, etc.) I still love, love, love this album!
Whipped Cream and Other Delights by Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass

Okay, I know you are all snickering about this pick, but hear me out!! First of all, it is really good music....really fun.....definitely dated, but it is fun.....My brother, Todd, and I called this the "naughty album" because of the risque picture on the front, well it was risque to us when we were kids....certainly tame by today's standards.....

Don't you just love the juxtaposition of these two albums!!! Weird!

Would love to hear what you all think of these albums if you have heard them!


One Crabapple said...

Just to let you know I stopped by

I am at work.

Have to come by when I have more time to finish this article (entry) and comment !

Love, S.

Janie said...

Those pics of "Edna" are a gas! Where did you get that one of Edna eating? Too funny! A faux relative journal would be a total blast. Count me in....

dogfaeriex5 said...

how bout doing a round robin where each of us do a page with our own UCP's and send to you and we can put together own own family reunion of sorts..sounds too cool for school ....i love to tell stories! the whipped cream album i used to see all the time at my aunts house when i would babysit my cousins..how funny...one of my fav's is stings-dream of the blue turtles and anything by sade....okay i can still keep writing but feel i am rambling....xox-k

Babsarella said...

Ha Ha Ha...you just brought back memories of when I was a kid. My Dad had the Herb Albert album (in fact I probably have it somewhere in my house now). How cool is that??!! Love your idea for a name journal with stories. What a totally fun project! Betcha Somerset Studio or Legacy would love that! Oh, and I SO want that book myself. Now that it is out, I'll have to be watchin for it.

Colette said...

We should start Lynne Perrella classes online ;)

I haven't seen the inside of her new book. Are you enjoying it?

One Crabapple said...

Gotta say .. that Elvis C. album is a good pick for perfect album !

BTW - Did not find The Knitters this weekend ! but only had time to swing by Best Buy...now WHY did I think I might have a chance at finding it duh.

Trixie said...

I love that Herb Albert record! My dad belonged to the Columbia Record Club when I was a kid. By the way, my grandpa's twin sister's name is Edna!