Sunday, August 20, 2006

Studio Hopping

Card by Laura (patchwork background idea by Jane)

Okay, it was not so much studio hopping, as first stamping at my house and then driving the 1.2 miles over to Jane's house....and, it wasn't so much "studios" as messy and out of control rooms with a bunch of stuff in them....but we had a great day of creativity and collaboration!
Wall Hanging by Jane and gifted to me! Isn't this stunning! Most all of todays works were created using vintage photos printed on matte paper and then colored with Prismacolors pencils and blended with Gamsol. Gamsol and Prismacolors is THE most wonderful technique.....I would not know what to do without it!!! It was surely serendipitous that we learned about it from Inky Antics when we went to the stamping expo earlier this year.
And now for a commercial interruption........ There is a small one woman owned stamp company..... The Queen's Dresser Drawers
is run by Jo McQueen . She has the most amazing stamps. They are inspired by vintage photos and documents......See above for one from her new line! Also, she is one of the nicest ladies to do business with!! So go order some unmounted and really cool stamps people!Above wall hanging by the talented Jane Maley!!!

Here is a little secret....I am a stamp know some brands just seem inferior and "common" to me...I have long held this snobby opinion about Hero Arts stamps, but I could not resist this vase of flowers...and it is so much fun to color (used watercolor crayons and aquapainter for the above) I must admit that some of the Hero Arts stamps are lots of fun.....I guess it is never a good thing to be snobby! Also, please note that little ribbon/trim on the right side of the new quest is to find trim like this, embroidered flowers or images on cotton ribbon. This particular piece was found by Jane at JoAnn Fabrics, so I will be on a hunt now!
ATC by Jane....the dancer is her grandma, Mary!
ATC by Jane.......Isn't this just too precious!!!??? This photo of the little girl started out as a plain black and white image. Jane's coloring of her dress is truly inspired and top notch! Yesterday afternoon the two of us snuck off to Hoffman Estates, IL and the scrapbook store up there had the whole new line of Anna Griffin papers which you see above in the background of this ATC......Do you think it strange that I had heart palpitations and shortness of breath when I saw all of her papers displayed in one place? Sad, but true, I got all worked up! This is what I have been reduced to people!
You know what my favorite part of this card is? The way the leaves on the trees turned out with the Green Apple Prismacolor pencil and Gamsol!! Stunning (if I do say so myself)..... the other theme running through today's work is the little hint of ribbon folded in two sticking out of the side.......that was inspired by Audrey Hernandez as she was the first person I saw doing it.....

Well that brings us to the close of another fun weekend.....Mike and are I retiring to the TV to watch our guilty pleasure, Big Brother......good trash TV is so therapeutic isn't it?

Have a good week y'all!!!!!


Trixie said...

You two gals put out some
STUNNING work!!! You could be a team of designers all on your own! Quit those damn day jobs and take your act on the road! I swear Laura, your place has the best vibe to crank out great stuff. I loved it all.

dogfaeriex5 said...

nice work!
love your ramblings...

Anonymous said...

Damn Laura - I am so jealous of all the great stuff you and Janie are turning out. And I'm so deprived of ideas, pictures, ephemera, etc. There's not a damn thing to be had in Sarasota. Should I consider moving back to IL just for the opportunity to stamp with you and Jane? - not a bad thought.


Anonymous said...

You guys are just cranking out fabulous atc's and cards. And I'm still jealous...someone needs to move next door to me so I can have art friends to create with.

Michelle (MilwMommy) said...

Hey Laura!!! I love all the stuff you & Jane did --you gals are so creative!! I LOVE the Hero Arts card (but I LOVE HA --note to self: never ever send Laura a HA card) You are so lucky you get to stamp together. I have a stamping friend just a few minutes away, but we're both so busy we've never had time to stamp together. And she's a SU demo --she has stamp camps at her house once a month to which I have not been yet!!!!! Life keeps getting in the way of my stamping!!!!

Anyway, great job ladies!!! I have finally bookmarked your blog so now I don't have to go searching for it when I wanna check it out!! LOL!!

Kimberly Kwan said...

You two are on a ROLL!
How fun!
Love these...and thanks for the rubber stuff!

One Crabapple said...

Of course I LOVE the patchwork (Idea By Jane)ground and then your colors and dots and pitching the photo at an angle that way make it all work perfectly.

Glad to know "messy and out of control" is the norm - !

These days of creativity and collaboration sound so fun.

(Gamsol is kool - in the old days we used Gum Arabic)

Checked out Ink Antics - Thank U. Cute stuff - filed for future ref.
BUT *** The hot tip os The Queen's Drawers !

JAnes wall hanging is great
Hey...When IS Jane getting a blog anyway ???

That thrim you are in search of ?
Love it!
(enlarged your photo)
Will keep an eye peeled.
( I would be so tickled if I found it for you! )

Grandma May the Dancer card and Little Miss Happy are DARLING !

(Again...Jane ! Get a Blog )

Those Anna Griffin Papers are so pretty. I am wonderfin about printing them onto fabric to sue on my collages too.

Always get so many good tips here Miss MAude ! You're a Goldmine!

Heather said...

Ok, I love these. Talk to me about Gamsol and Prismacolors? I have always been a Prismacolor fiend but never heard of Gamsol.. what is it? Where is it? How do I use??