Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Honorable Mentions 2005 Book List

Card by Laura

Hey today was a really great day! When I got to work this morning there was a present on my desk!! It was from Karen and Jody....they got me a Crop-A-Dile!!!! Very cool tool for punching holes and setting eyelets in everything from paper to fabric, chipboard, and metal! Woohoo! Thank you so much!!

Card by Lorie

As promised, today's blog is a list of the honorable mention books of 2005. I limit my best books list to ten books, so these are the books that did not quite make the top ten but were very good nonetheless. In 2005 there were nine of these books, all well worth reading!

The Family Tree by Carol Cadwallder

Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Towelhead by Alicia Erian

Tales from the Scale by Erin J. Shea, et al

The Bright Forever by Lee Martin

The Girl in the Red Coat by Roma Ligocka

The Pact by Jodi Picoult

Coming Home to Myself by Wynona Judd

ATC by Trish
Card by Jane


One Crabapple said...

More ATC's and books.

Jane's little cowgirl is very cute , right in style. I really like the ticket stamped background on Lorie's as I have raved before and I love the explosion of pink and the huge flower behind the girl on Trish's.

I know none of these books ! I am in sad shape I guess.

But I am glad to have a source such as yourself Darling to get tips from.

Beth said...

Okay you stamping freaks.....for those of us who could not join in on the fun of a 12 hour stamping/laughing marathon....enough of all the cute stuff !!!!! (LOL kidding...just jealous/everyting is adorable)and the book list....well let me just say..."YOU ARE AMAZING" for all that you have read and "yes" this list will get used for my book club !!!!

Trixie said...

It has been such a gas enjoying the fruits of our fun each day! We must get together soon! Thanks for posting the pics..they are wonderful! Oh my gosh I am on exclimation point overload!!!!!

One Crabapple said...

ooops! I forgot to say anything about the Kindred Spirits Card. I love that best of all too ! the background is perfect for those images. I love the images. Everything is just right. Of course !!!

Cris said...

You know I have that Cropodile thing too and it scares the living daylights out of me. It's so BIG!! I have yet to master it but want to. Great post Laura.

Anonymous said...

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