Thursday, August 17, 2006

No Pictures!!!!!!!

This is where a picture is supposed to be!!!!!! However there must be a problem with Mr. Blogger, so we have to go with just text for now. Booooooo!

Last Sunday night Mike and I went to the House of Blues to see X. There were a total of four bands on the bill with X being the headliner. We timed it perfectly so we got there just in time for me to order a root beer as X took the stage. They were really good....great musicians and fun to watch. Their lead singer had the coolest shoes, they were blue and white spectators with a chunky heel! So cool, she wore them with a thrift store dress and looked the height of chic! Before the concert we went for dinner at Heaven on Seven where the speciality is Cajun. I had my first martini ever. I saw a woman at the next table with one and my friend Jane had recently told me about these fancy/fruity martinis, so after extensive questioning of the waitress I ordered the "French Quarter" which was Absolut vodka, chamboard (?), and pineapple juice. Alas, it was just tolerable. I should have stuck with my go to drink the wonderful "Highball." For all you kids out there that is the name for whiskey and 7-up.

Tuesday, as you have read, was my Mom's birthday and we had a day chock full of fun! We went to St. Charles, Illinois which is a charming little town on the Fox River. First stop, was the Cottage Stamper, rubber stamp store where we had a blast looking at all of the stamps. We found a whole photo album of cards made with Amuse Stamps and it was so inspiring. They have some of the best stamps out there! I copied Jane and got the Stampers Anonymous, Tim Holtz designed, ticket background stamp. If you have never looked at their stamps, please go thruogh the entire catalog it is a total dream! I also got the Love stamp by Christine Adolph. Her stuff is so gorgeous! On Splitcoaststampers today one of the ladies wrote that she wished all stamps were a dollar! Me too, although there would not be enough room in our house for all the stamps I would have and Mike would have a complete and total meltdown from all the clutter! I am a clutterbug and he is a neat freak! Yipes!

Anyway, after the stamp shop stop we went for the one of the best lunches I ever had in my life! The setting was perfect and the food was totally and completely over the top great!! The name of the place was Townhouse Books and Cafe! Can you think of a better combination of stuff???? If they added stamps and CD's I would have to move in! We started off with a very strange dish, chilled strawberry soup!!!! Sounds weird, I know, but it was absolutely one of the most exciting things I have ever eaten! Amazing. We split it, bummer cause I am sure we could each have eaten a whole bowl! Next up, delicious sandwiches! I shocked myself again by having the vegetarian sandwich on sourdough bread (which is just the best bread ever!)

After lunch we browsed in the book shop and I found a book I never heard of, but that sounded so interesting I could not pass it up, And the Word Was. We then went to the Antique Market III, but alas their prices were way to high. I only spent one dollar! That is unheard of! I bought one old snapshot. There were some other cool pictures but they were priced too high. I am becoming selective! On our way out of town we happened to pass a Barnes and Noble and a Borders, so of course we had to stop! We also went to an Ulta store where they sell perfume, make-up and shampoo. My Mom showed me this new kind of mineral make-up and it looked pretty good, so I got some of that. Finally, we headed home with a stop at the drive through at McDonalds for a Coke (Mom) and a root beer (me)! (yes, I still have the root beer addiction going!) We had an A#1 fantastatic day and the weather was so gorgeous!!! It was so great to be able to spend my Mom's birthday with her.


One Crabapple said...

Xene Cervenka ! ???
Cool Shoes &
House of Blues !

Rootbeer and Highballs

oh you do crack me up.
We have so many interests alike !

I agree about the Martini thing. I gave up trying to look kool with one - that is just a mean drink (And anyway, I rarely drink anymore)
How does one FUNCTION after drinking a Martini ???

Your pix from the past also make me smile. I feel like I have pictures almost identical in our little outfits for Easter or birthdays. Same 1960's photo op's.
I love that film look compared to the all new perfect digital look now.

What a Great DAy with Your Mom.
You Lucky Girls !

I enjoyed this post even w/o a picture. And you are not the only one haveing picture problems with Blogger today.

Great post , thank you!


dogfaeriex5 said...

martinis ick they all taste like rubbing alcohol, except an expresso martini, love me those, otherwise give me a cold bud lite and i am happy...highball, i love it..we are both so old school!! and if it is xene cervenka, love her!! i always wanted her hair! lets get together some day and hang out with our tabs and watch slides!! lol

cioa bella~ k

Kim said...

Xene?!?! OMG! HUGE X fan back in tha GREEN WITH ENVY! How was it?!?!? Oh man!!

jeanstamping2 on SCS said...

Isn't St.Charles Il. A Super place to shop?

I use to live downtown St. Charles for 20 years. Just across the street from The Cottage Stamper.

So many wonderful shops in the area.