Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Frogs by Duda

Artwork by Diane Duda.

Here is a link to her blog.

Isn't she the greatest??? I received this card in the mail! My friend Jennifer sent it to me. I met Jennifer through the Inky Antics site and every now and then we keep in touch with a card in the mail. She went to Greeting Card Universe where Diane has turned some of her artwork into greeting cards. You pick a card, type in what you want to say, and it is mailed out for you! Who knew? I was so excited to receive this. Thank you Jennifer!


Diane Duda said...

Of course it's okay, silly. :)
Thanks for the plug!!

Trixie said...

Diane Duda is devine! And so are you! How about a post about all those books you are reading? I have really loved the covers of them too. Miss Duda needs to illistrate a children's book don't ya think?

Laura said...


You are so right!! Diane really does need to illustrate a children's book!!!!! Hopefully, she will check back here and take to that idea!!

I will work on the book reading post...I am trying to read alot, but then my TV watching with Mike gets in the way! oh, and then on the weekend my napping or girlfriend time gets in the way!

Jennifer (mackbrad) said...

These cards are so fun to send! This is the first time in about 4 years I have sent a card that I haven't made - but I think I will definitely have to sneak a few more in to deserving individuals. The site is so easy to use and Diane's cards are most excellent!

I keep pestering Diane with comments on her blog to create rubber stamps! I want to color those frogs!!!

Laura said...

Jennifer: Thanks again for the great card!!! I love it!! And you are so right, rubber stamps designed by Diane would be totally awesome!!! I would love to stamp and color all those cute little girls she does too!

Karen said...

I just went to Diane's blog and then check out her Etsy Shop.....WOW!!! She is extremely talented. I am going to get some of her prints. They are simply fantastic!! Thanks for sharing!

Laura said...

Karen: I can't wait to hear what you order!!! Please be sure and let me know!