Monday, September 17, 2007

Third Sunday Antique Market

Jane and I left at 6 a.m. yesterday morning to drive 1 hour and 45 minutes to Bloomington, Illinois for the Third Sunday Antique Market. This is a huge antique market that I had never heard of before. It came in handy as it had been several hours since I had last been in an antique shop and lately, I have antique fever! We did not purchase any of the manniquin heads pictured above, but I thought it was a cool display.
Here Jane is oogling some cool glassware! I was off in the corner hyperventilating over some vintage children's books.
Loved these vintage posters! Would love to decorate my home with vintage illustrations.
We found this cute little book about sewing. Great cover! It came home with us for a dollar!
Also, this children's illustrated dictionary was purchased. This will be great for use in our Alphabetica round robin journals and our October class at Valley Ridge.
On the drive down Jane was looking through a book by Anna Corba and spotted a piece like the one pictured above. I guess it is a vintage plant stand. She fell in love with it, so we were on the look out. So now, the one pictured above is at Jane's house! It will be so much fun to put out cute little supplies on it.

Speaking of cute little supplies, we found TONS of great books, vintage greeting cards, cute children's barrettes, and old photos. I will post pictures over the coming days!

I purchased this great three-tiered table for storing 12 x 12 scrapbook paper! I can't wait to organize my papers by color family! Also, one shelf will be for Christmas paper only!!!! I have been wanting to see what the new Basic Grey Christmas paper looks like and today they posted it on their site! (Sorry, the link is not working. Go to to see the paper. The new line is called Figgy Pudding! How cute!) I have a great idea for a little Christmas project on my blog - please stay tuned for that announcement!


dogfaeriex5 said...

i am hyperventilating over your purchases!!! sounds like theperfect sunday and i hope there was a stop at starbucks somewhere along the way!! tell jane i love her nail polish, one of the new opi colors......

Laura said...

We had Starbucks on the way down there Kim!!!! We were lucky they were open at 6 in the morning!!!

We ate a hot dog for lunch at the flea market! Not as good as Portillo's though.

We are going back on 10/21, so if anyone wants to get crazy and join us, let me know!!!!

How did you know about the OPI? I think it is a new color, but I am not sure. Good call!

dogfaeriex5 said...

10/21...hmmmmm, might have to pencil that date in!! you know how we love a road trip!! i am a nail polish whore and get a pedicure on a regular basis and used to have acrylic nail that were always polished with OPI, i think i have jane's color on my toes....sally hansen has this cool dark blue/black that is real dark also!!
i love you guys!!!

DonnaG said...

I am drooling over those vintage books ... and those hats on the mannequins? You would look so cool in one of those!

Beth said...

too far for me to drive, but it looks wonderful !!!!

longnecklady said...

Hay! I went to school at ISU. Sounds like a great time!



Trixie said...

Pen me in for your next visit! I have so wanted some type of visual display for the 12x12 paper...and Jane scored on the plant stand too! I also really like the children's dictionary. I will travel with you next month and may the good juju be with us then too!

Laura said...

Thanks everyone for your great comments! I confess that I love, love, love to read them!

Donna G.: I looked up some of the books that I got on Ebay, so if you are really drooling, that is a good source to check out. Also, check out local garage sales or resale shops, you might find something good there.

Beth: It is too far for you to drive for one day, but then again you have one of the three best antique shops I have ever been to right near your house! Love that place, and can't wait to visit it in October!

Sue: So, you are an ISU alumni! That is cool! Did they have this antique market going when you were there? Were you into antiques then?

Trish: Consider yourself penned in. Jane is bound and determined to get there in October, so it is a for sure thing.

Nan - said...

I just love going on these shopping trips with you. It is wonderful that you bring your camera and show us all the great sights. I loved those vintage posters too. I've been seeing the 'tab' instead of the laughing woman as your picture. Where did that woman, who I always think of as Maude, go?

Laura said...

Hi Nan! I keep forgetting to tell you that I LOVE your new banner! That picture of the bee and the flowers is just gorgeous!!!

I changed my avatar to the Tab can because it is so me!! Plus, when I found the new Maude picture for the banner I felt she was the total embodiment (sp?) of all that Maude is. Oh, and my friend Trish prompted me to change my avatar too, I can't remember what she said, but she gave me the idea. Maybe the laughing Maude will show up someday in another form!!! Thanks for stopping by!!! Today is Thursday....will you be reading this today???? (reference to your Thursdays away from the computer!)

Nan - said...

It's Friday when I'm reading this, Laura.:<) I've just learned two words from reading your blog; one, the use of the word "avatar" for the little picture, and two, the word "ephemera" on your other post. I did know the first one, but not in that connection, and the second one was all new to me. So, I've gotten smarter just by stopping in to visit you!

Nan - said...

Me, again. Thank you for the compliment on the bee and sedum banner. I actually just changed it this morning. Hope you like the new one. I try to change them as nature changes around me.

Karen said...

I didn't know Bloomington had an Antique Market. That sounds cool! I love the books you gals found. Especially the dictionary.
Happy Hunting!!!