Monday, September 10, 2007

Music Month

October will be music month for me!!! I will be going to see Raul Malo, The Polyphonic Spree (again!!!), Bruce Springsteen, and Van Halen!!!!!!! How much fun is that!!!!!!

Then also in October I will get to take a class from one of my mixed-media idols, Lynne Perrella!

All in all, I am looking forward to October. It has always been my favorite month, but this year it will be extra special!


Trixie said...

Hey honey, it is only September 10 and you have already tumbled into October! Crikey, soon it will be Christmas!

dogfaeriex5 said...

shut it! van halen, the only thing that could make this concert better is if sammy hagar(love) would be there singing!!!
you are so cool, will you be wearing your concert shirt the next day at school???
xox~sammy hagars biggest fan.....

Laura said...

Kim, While I totally appreciate the song stylings of Sammy Haggar, I MUST say that the real VH is the one with David Lee Roth!!!

Beth said...

You are too cool my friend.
What a month October will be for you and I'm the lucky one knowing that I'll get to be part of it...with VR !!!

Is Mike going with you to all of your muscial outings ??? Take your camera and share it all with us !!!

Laura said...

Hi! Mike and I are going to all of the shows alone, EXCEPT for Van Halen . I am going to that show with my brother and Jane. Tickets were so expensive and Mike is not that huge of a VH fan.

Jane said...

Lighter up in the air - rock on sister! Van Halen will be awesome!!! Can't wait!!!

dogfaeriex5 said...

i knew you would say that and some songs are better with david but sammy has my heart........

Diane Duda said...

Art and and art! Ain't life grand!
I was a big Springsteen fan in high school and have seen him a few times. That's always fun.
He often records with one of our local music legends, JOe Grushecky. Bruce once showed up to play with Joe at a small club in Pittsburgh and we were there. Word had gotten out though and it was PAINFULLY crowded.

Anyway, have fun! Still lovin' that banner! :)

Holly Stinnett said...

Hi Laura!

I wanted to email you back as soon as I saw your sweet post to my blog the first time (but blogger didn't give me your email address and I couldn't find it in your blog)... so I'm glad you figured out that there is another Holly out there! ha ha... no worries. I wish I had her talent with those amazing tiara's she makes. We've written to each other a couple times and she seems very sweet. I have to say, at first finding out there was another "Holly" didn't thrill me... I wanted to be the only one in our little world of artists (laughing here)!

Thank you for your sweet comments and I wish you lived closer to me too! I would have you over all the time to "play".

I love your new banner and out of all the bands you are seeing, I would flip to see Van Halen. What fun. I just looked at an old photo album and saw a pic of me holding up the "Women and Children First" album... probably about 1980 or around there right?

Well, have fun and happy weekend!

Holly (the first Holly) hee hee

MarilynH said...

get out!!
Lynne Perrella is my all time Fav!! I like Van Halen, too. Wow--Bruce Springteen must be pretty old by now. LOL