Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Deer Who Saved My Life

I solved my cross-stitch crisis. I laid down my Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow for now. In January I decreed 2010 the year of the Christmas Ornament. I want to make tons of ornaments and have them finished as cute as the one above from Carol's blog and the ones below that Karin and Katrina did.

For Christmas Mike got me a subscription to the digital magazine Gift of Stitching. I wanted this magazine mainly for the ornament pictured above. I love it! Love Prairie Schooler. So, I searched around in my small fabric stash and found an unknown count evenweave. I started it Sunday and am loving it! It feels like the same fun I had stitching in 1993. I even stitched last night while watching TV (which has been unheard of lately)!!!! I am in love and I feel free to stitch what I want right now. No pressure. Just fun stitching! Yipeeeeeeeee!

I think the evenweave may have something to do with it or it might be that the design size is so much smaller. Anyway...it is fun!


Patti said...

Yup- NO pressure! That's what you need! It is not fun and relaxing when there is pressure! Glad you found your Zen Stitching Place, Laura! And the ornament is adorable...make me one!!! :)

Ranae said...

What a fabulous ornie, it looks perfect.
I love TGoS, it has so much wonderful things in every issue, I am never disappointed.
Have fun, no pressure, I am always telling myself that, lol

staci said...

Adorable ornie, made even more fabulous by giving you your stitching mojo! Sometimes those small finishes are the much-needed antidote!

Karin said...

Perfect!!!! I love the ornie as well and how fun you got the magazine and found the joy in these. It will come back to you! Even if you only stitchin on Christmas @HRH on the Sunday SAL it will be fine!! No pressure!! see you tonight!!

Staci said...

you won a book at my blog. Let me know what you mailing address is so I can get it out to you!!

Life in the Thumb

Vonna said...

Honestly Laura, I think evenweave is the best to start learning on...because it is all "even" ;o)
The ornament will be a great, darling, lovely for your tree!

Jon Lee said...

It is beautiful Laura. I'm glad I got to see it last night. Sometimes you just have to do something smaller and workable so that you can finish it. I think you can work on a huge project and a smaller one at the same time.

Katrina said...

If a piece is not working for you, you have to set it aside otherwise you won't end up doing anything :-). Love your ornament and I am glad you are feeling better about stitching.

Kellie said...

Hi Laura,
Glad you are getting your stitching groove back. It needs to be fun with no pressure. That is what I try to remember to tell myself when I start setting goals (that I don't accomplish) or making a new start when I think I should be stitching one of my WIPs.... It is a hobby. It is supposed to bring pleasure...not stress and expectations. I have enough of that in a lot of other areas in my life, as does everyone. :)

Love the "year of the ornament." Looking forward to seeing all your stitching.

Have a great rest of the week! :)

Jeanie said...

I love it! The Year of the Christmas Ornament!

dogfaeriex5 said...

i love how jazzed you are for stitching, wish i was there with you stitching, but in my heart i am...truly missing you...xox~kim

Jan said...

I must know about your TAB logo, though you don't seem old enough to like it. I am still addicted to drinking TAB, instead of diet Coke, and so was surprised to see your logo over at Yolanda's blog.