Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Mom, Dorothy, and Carolyn!

A big and happy hello to my Mom, Dorothy, and Carolyn who said they were going to check out my blog today!!! These are some of the funniest and nicest women in the world!!! They have been my Mom's friends through thick and thin.....and have in turn been friends to me also! They just called and are thinking of doing a round robin journal like the one Trish, Jane, and I did!! Wouldn't that be cool!!!!! Anyway, thanks for calling me today you guys!!!!

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Hey Laura! Of course we are the funniest, coolest people you know! We have been trading laughs for the past few hours and could go on without stopping for several more if we had them. Thanks for agreeing to join our round robin journal project. We are counting on you for the creative lead.

Can't wait to read your blog in more detail. We tried to post a photo, but couldn't find a way to get it accepted by your site. See you soon!

C, N, and D

Anonymous said...

Hello fellow rubber stamper,
So I'm here with you Mom, Carolyn, and Dorothy talking about your stamping/collage/art blog and thought I'd just add a hello. Your stamping style is amazing. Just rediscovering my stamp collection again (well over 7000). Nancy says she doesn't think you've used unmounteds yet, could that be true??! You'll have to get your stamping posse together and travel out to Genoa (Illinois not Italy!) for an afternoon or evening. I'll continue to check in on your blog.

best regards,

Trixie said...

Can I play too?

Anonymous said...

Ummmmmmmm....did I miss the sign up sheet for this, hee hee :0)